Chapter 6

Harmony of Celestial Hearts: A Li Wei Tale

Upon discovering Li Wei struggle with the indecipherable scripture, he and Xiao Shang sought refuge at the Azure  Sect. The tranquil surroundings of the sect, nestled amidst jade peaks and wisps of serenity, offered a respite from the challenges they faced. In the end both of them arrive at Azure Sect.

"Isn't that senior Xiao Shang?"

The man that standing guard at the entrance of Azure Sect asking his guarding partner when saw Xiao Shang from far. His partner facing toward where he's point at and nods.

"It look like it... Senior Xiao Shang!"

The guarding partner calling for Xiao Shang while waving his hand.

"Li Chen! Zhang Wei! Help me call shifu. We urgently need heeeeeelp."

Xiao Shang that helping support Li Wei walks, walking wobbly toward them and falls down with Li Wei at the entrance as she losing her stamina.

Li Wei injuries from what happen before, required the expertise of the Azure Sect leader that was also Xiao Shang shifu. Xiao Shang, with respect for the sect ancient teachings, sought an audience with the Azure Sect Master to request helping healing Li Wei and guidance in finding Master Yun.

Upon Li Wei and Xiao Shang arrival at the Azure Tranquil Peaks, where the Azure Sect was nestled, the sect master, a venerable figure named Master Liu Jian, personally attended to Li Wei injuries. The Azure Tranquil Peaks, with its terraced gardens and serene waterfalls, provided a backdrop of tranquility for the healing process.

Master Liu Jian, renowned for his mastery in both cultivation and the healing arts, examined Li Wei with a discerning gaze. Li Wei injuries, a result of distorted techniques from false translation of that lagendary scripture, were treated with a combination of ancient herbal remedies and intricate energy manipulation techniques unique to the Azure Sect.

"Shifu, can you save him?"

Xiao Shang asking anxiously while she looking at Li Wei. Li Wei just smiling weakly toward her.

"You shouldn't downgrade your shifu." 

Master Liu Jian said jokingly to lift up the mood so Xiao Shang will stop worrying. Under the azure-hued pavilion, Master Liu Jian channeled his healing energies, gently mending Li Wei's inner power that already in chaos after he's learning the distorted technique. The air resonated with a soothing hum as Master Liu Jian hands emitted a soft azure glow, harmonizing with the natural energies of the surroundings. Xiao Shang observed in quiet admiration as the master techniques seemed to weave a tapestry of restoration.

Master Liu Jian, with a demeanor of profound calmness, spoke words of encouragement and guidance to Li Wei during the healing process. He shared insights on maintaining a balance between cultivation and physical well-being, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

"Done for now but still need a treatment for tomorrow. Xiao Shang, help this gentleman get up and rest in our guestroom."

Master Liu Jian smile at them and slowly get up then walks away leaving those two soul. 

"You can walk right?"

Xiao Shang raise her eyebrow while asking Li Wei.

"Thank to your shifu, now i'm getting a bit better and yeah i can walk by myself."

Hearing what Li Wei said then Xiao Shang move her hand giving signal to Li Wei to follow her as she walks away from the azure-hued pavilion followed by Li Wei.

As Li Wei underwent treatment at the Azure Sect, the surroundings seemed to reflect the gradual blossoming of a connection between him and Xiao Shang. In the peaceful courtyards of the sect, where the sound of trickling water mingled with the gentle hum of cultivation, their paths intertwined in unexpected ways.

Xiao Shang, with her serene presence and compassionate nature, took it upon herself to assist Li Wei during his recovery. Whether it was preparing herbal remedies or sharing moments of quiet conversation, their interactions deepened into a bond beyond mere camaraderie.

Under the guidance of Master Liu Jian, who recognized the subtle currents of emotion weaving between his disciples, Li Wei and Xiao Shang found themselves drawn to each other amidst the azure tranquility. The healing process became more than inner power recovery, it became a journey of shared experiences and understanding.

As Li Wei practiced his cultivation techniques and Xiao Shang assisted him in refining his movements, the exchange of energies became a dance of connection. Their eyes met in fleeting moments of unspoken understanding, and the air seemed to shimmer with an unspoken promise of something more.

Master Liu Jian, attuned to the rhythms of the celestial and earthly, observed the growing bond between his disciples with a knowing smile. In the midst of healing energies and shared aspirations, Li Wei and Xiao Shang staring toward each other discovered a profound connection that transcended the confines more than friend.

Before leaving both of the youngsters, Master Liu Jian clear his throat showing that he notices it. And that make Li Wei and Xiao Shang stop staring at each other. Can be seeing clearly that Xiao Shang blushing hard. She's then wanna run away from that place but Li Wei managed to hold her hand and pulling her close to him. 

Xiao Shang gasps with what happened and start to act rough but Li Wei insists and still won't let her go. 

"I don't ever think that someday i will be in this state. Living only with my shifu at remote place, i'm not really know about this stuff but i understand my own feelings now."

Li Wei smile at her.

"Wha-what? What state? What understand?"

Xiao Shang trying hard to cover her shyness but her blushing cheeks won't let it slide even after she's act rough. Without any explanation for Xiao Shang question, Li Wei face getting closer toward Xiao Shang face and that make her frozen.

Under the sunlight followed by a soothing breeze in Azure Sect, Li Wei kissing Xiao Shang deeply showing that he's starting to fall in love with her. Xiao Shang that in frozen state because of  shyness slowly let her feelings show as she reply Li Wei kissed.

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