Chapter 5

Harmony of Celestial Hearts: A Li Wei Tale

Coincidentally, Xiao Shang passed by that place where Li Wei at and heard his screaming in pain. 

"That voice.. Isn't that guy voice.."

Xiao Shang that not far from that run-down temple hurriedly run toward Li Wei voice and saw him scream in pain while holding his head.


"Hey you! What happen?"

She's checking on Li Wei but suddenly Li Wei start to pushing Xiao Shang away and try to attack her. She's evade his attack and saw Li Wei eyes turn red.

"That! Are you learning a forbidden technique?! Stop! It's me Xiao Shang!"

Li Wei keep attacking Xiao Shang like he will never stop and he looks like he didn't even know her or even not aware that was Xiao Shang. In that tense situation, Xiao Shang trying to find hole in Li Wei movement then she's start to press the specific acupuncture point on Li Wei making him stop and fell to the floor unconscious.

Xiao Shang slowly put Li Wei on warm board then she grab his wrist to checking on his pulse to detect what happen to him. That one of the special skill that being passed down between pupil of Azure sect.

"This not looking good... His pulse in chaos.."

Xiao Shang carefully put Li Wei hand down after checking on him. She then observing Li Wei worried that he might losing control again. After making sure that his alright, Xiao Shang then get up to stay guarding in front of that run-down temple. But then as she get up, the unconscious Li Wei hold her hand and pulling her near him until she falls on top of him.

Gasps and shocked, Xiao Shang slowly try to get up but Li Wei grip are getting tight. As she surrender to get up from his grip, Xiao Shang started observing Li Wei face, slowly she move her hand and unconsciously touching his face.

"That face..."

Xiao Shang smile as her hand still touching Li Wei face then she move her hand slowly toward his bang and tidying his bang. Her heart start to beating so fast making her stop with what she's been doing.

After sometime, Li Wei beginning to regain his consciousness and slowly open his eyes. The first person he's saw are Xiao Shang that still in his grip. Li Wei scream shockingly and hurriedly get up. Wince in pain he's hold his head.

"Wha-what are you doing here? What happen? Uhhhh...."

Xiao Shang get a lil blushing over what happen making her clear to get rid of that feeling. She look at Li Wei that wince in pain.

"I'm passing by here and i heard you screaming from inside this run-down temple. So i hurriedly run to you and saw you scream in pain then losing control. What happen? Did you in the middle of learning a forbidden technique? Your pulse are in chaos."

After listening to Xiao Shang explanation, Li Wei eyes stop at the translation version of that legendary scripture.

"After getting the translation of this legendary scripture from Master Yun the famous mysterious monk. I stop my journey and stop by this run-down temple for a moment to learning the technique from this scripture. But after that i feel the rushing pain and i can't even remember what happen next.." 

Li Wei that still in pain slowly bent down to get that scripture. But Xiao Shang more hand more fast than him grab the translation version of that scripture and look at it. As she look at it she feel something not right with the scripture. Cautioning him to question the authenticity of the translations he received.

Realizing he had been deceived, Li Wei decide to confronted the impostors. Xiao Shang also decide to follow him to find the impostors. They decide to check the small house at Misty Peaks since the time gap wasn't far from that incident.

What they assumed turned out to be true. Those impostor still there and preparing to leave that place. Li Wei and Xiao Shang stood in front of them.

"I want my scripture back!"

Li Wei angry tone can be heard.

"No! We will not betray our leader. The scripture belong to us now the Eclipse Sect!"

They observing Li Wei and Xiao Shang but at the same time ready to fight.

"That name... Your sect are puppet to Shadow Serpent Sect! Evil sect! Don't let them get the scripture!"

Xiao Shang warning Li Wei. Both of them open their move and start attacking those elite from Eclipse Sect. In a confrontation fueled by celestial powers and serenity techniques, Li Wei exposed their true nature, revealing the ruse that not only jeopardized his cultivation but also threatened the delicate balance of power in the cultivation world.

Harmonized her serenity techniques with Li Wei celestial energies. Together, they faced the impostors and thwarted their plans, forcing them to give back the scripture and back off.

"We got it!"

Li Wei celebrate tone can be heard around Misty Peaks.

"But how to get this scripture translate if we don't even know whereabouts of Master Yun? Uh!.."

Li Wei sudden fall down on the ground as he hold his head. Notice that Li Wei might losing control again, Xiao Shang hurriedly using her Azure sect acupuncture skill on Li Wei to help him.

"Let's not think about Master Yun. You need a treatment urgently or you might losing control forever. How about you follow me to Azure sect to meet with my shifu for treatment? He might also know the whereabouts of Master Yun."

Xiao Shang helping Li Wei to get up while he hold on onto her as support. As Li Wei agreed on Xiao Shang idea, they decide to move on go to Azure sect.

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