Chapter 2

Harmony of Celestial Hearts: A Li Wei Tale

On his journey inside the ancient ruins, Li Wei uncovered a hidden scripture that revealed the existence of a celestial artifact capable of unlocking unparalleled power. But the hidden scripture can't be touch since the power are overwhelming.

"How am i suppose to reduce it power?"

Li Wei thinking while look at it. Then he remember what his shifu told. Everything has yin yang mean every power can overcome others power by understanding the opposite power. And his cultivation also power usually can alter others power so he can control it but he know it will take toll on him since he still can't master it fully yet. But the determined Li Wei still choose to try.

"I think only this can reduce it power. As long the power surround it become weak, i can take it."

Li Wei close his eyes and try to focus on his inner power and his mind eyes. Trying to remember every lesson that his shifu teach, he's slowly release his power. But his power gradually become strong till Li Wei almost can't control it. But! His strong power already reduce the power surrounding a hidden scripture and make it slowly dissipated

Carefully Li Wei grab that scripture while sighing in relief then he fall on the ground inside that ancient ruins since he's losing his stamina after releasing his power. Slowly closing his eyes. Not far from him, there is someone watching the event.

"I try every method that i can think of, yet i still cant get that ancient scripture.. How come this guy can take it just by releasing his power. It like his swallowing the power or control it? Maybe it mean to be with him.."

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