Chapter 3

Harmony of Celestial Hearts: A Li Wei Tale

The person that secretly hiding watching Li Wei trying to get the hidden scripture slowly walking out from the dark and goes toward Li Wei that already unconscious. 

"He look worn out. Tsk tsk tsk he's look not that strong yet lucky him got that scripture that i've been trying hard this day to get a grip of it."

That person squat down and poking Li Wei cheek and checking on him. But the sudden sound of crow stopping that person from checking on Li Wei more.

"Damn.... Those sect.. They already make a move.. I guess they already find out by now that someone already found the legendary hidden scripture and got it. Should i just leave him here or help him?... Ahh! Fine i guess i help!"

Sighing, that person bent down and try to pull Li Wei up but then on speed of light, Li Wei hand sudden move and grip that person hand. He's slowly open his eyes and saw a women that in front of him. 

That when Li Wei first time encountered a women that was so close. She's then surprised by that sudden move, hurriedly push him away with her move by using her palm hit his chest and make Li Wei stop gripping her hand.

"Cough! Cough! Hey why you do that to me?" 

Li Wei asking while hold his chest where her palm landed.

"You sudden grip my hand and it was my reflex because it surprise me! I'm trying to help you since you unconscious!"

She fixed her hanfu then cross her arms

"I thought someone wanna steal this scripture. By the way, what your name? I just can't call you hey hoi. It not appropriate."

He looks at her and scanning her

"Hmm... Call me Xiao Shang and i'm from Azure sect. I'm just a passerby."

She trying to keep a secret from Li Wei that she actually also trying to get the scripture but she just can't.

Li Wei feel sceptical against Xiao Shang but he's just trying to ignore it. While looking at her, he's sudden feels weird inside his heart. That kind of feelings that he never felt before.

"Ehem thank you for helping me. But i need to go.."

"Fine.. Whatever just be careful. I'm sure those sect might ambush you on your journey since you got that scripture"

She point out her finger toward the scripture that on Li Wei grip.

"Gotta go."

Xiao Shang then using her floating kungfu flies through the mid air leaving Li Wei behind before Li Wei could ask more.

That the first time Li Wei encountered Xiao Shang, a skilled cultivator from the esteemed Azure Sect. Their fates intertwined, and a spark ignited between them, a love might appear that would become both their greatest strength and a source of trials on their perilous journey.

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