Chapter 4

Harmony of Celestial Hearts: A Li Wei Tale

Upon acquiring the mysterious scripture, Li Wei faced an unexpected challenge. The intricate text proved beyond his ability to decipher. 

"I thought i can learn what inside this scripture but the text..."

As Li Wei stare at that scripture, he suddenly remember his shifu talk about a famous myterious monk that called as Master Yun. His shifu said only this monk that have a broad knowledge on language and have lot of rare scripture. 

"To think of it he might know how to translate this scripture.. I need to look for him!"

Determined to unlock its secrets, Li Wei hurriedly get up and packing his stuff then set out from the inn where he stay, on a quest to find a legendary master monk renowned for translating ancient scriptures.

Li Wei start to asking people around him if they know about a monk name Master Yun. With regret no one know and ever heard about a monk name Master Yun.

With what Li Wei doing, Unbeknownst the sect that also looking for the scripture heard about him. And start to planning on something to lure Li Wei.

They start to gather inside thick forest and planning everything one by one.

"That what you and you need to do. Other things leave to us. Make sure everything going smooth. Go now!"

Rumors led Li Wei to the remote Misty Peaks, where the wise Master Yun was said to reside. Unbeknownst to him, a deceitful sect, aware of his quest, posed as Master Yun, intending to manipulate Li Wei for their own gains.

Inside the remote Misty Peaks, Li Wei saw a small house. It look like glooming and kinda old but he bravely walks toward the yard and look around.

"Anyone here? Hello..."

As Li Wei calling, a man voice can be heard behind the door.

"What are you looking for here?"

"I am Li Wei and i've been looking for a wise monk name Master Yun."

'Creak' The door slowly open and showing a standing old man. He's holding a prayer beads.

"Yes it me.What can i help you with?"

With that person introduce himself as Master Yun, Li Wei face expression changing to delight smile and let out a sigh of relief. He walks toward that old man and showing the scripture.

"I'm glad that it really you! I got this scripture but i can't read the text since the words are weird.."

Master Yun take the scripture from Li Wei hands then he look at the scripture. 

"Oh! This rare scripture! I can translate it. It not gonna take much time. Come in child. I brew some tea, you can drink it while i translate if for you"

He's offer Li Wei a tea. After sometime of waiting, master Yun exiting his study room and walks toward Li Wei. His hand holding the translation for that scripture.

"Here son the translate for this scripture. Oh may i keep the real scripture so i can study it more? Don't worry i'm just a scholar monk."

Master Yun gave the translate one to Li Wei and hoping that Li Wei agree to let him kept the original one. With easily Li Wei give permission to let that monk kept the scripture as he think it will be the safest place for the scripture. With courtesy Li Wei leaving from there.

As he walking on his journey, Li Wei found a place to stay. Even thought it was a run-down temple but for him it still a great place to practice the scripture.

Caught in their web of deception, Li Wei received false translations from that fake monk that led him down a misguided path in his cultivation. Li Wei struggled with distorted techniques making him feel the pain and start to scream.

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