Ice Cream By The Beach


“Hello. I’m Soonyoung,” he greeted.
The ice cream seller smiled. “So, you’re the one that’s been looking my way all weekend. I’m Jihoon, nice to meet you. Would you like an ice cream?”
“Would that ice cream come with a date by any chance?”
Jihoon chuckled. “How about my number?”
“That also works. A mango popsicle, then.”
Jihoon grabbed a mango popsicle from inside the cart and wrote his number on the wrapper before handing it to Soonyoung. “On me.”
“Thank you. I’ll talk to you soon?”
“I’ll look forward to it.”

Or: Soonyoung participated in a volleyball tournament at the beach and got smitten by Jihoon, an ice cream seller on the sidelines.


I don't know much of anything about volleyball, but I tried, lol. I hope you guys can still enjoy it!

Written for Summer Breeze Fic Fest 2023

Based on the following prompt:

Soonyoung, along with (any members you want), formed a team to participate in a competition located at the beach.

Meanwhile, Jihoon, an opportunistic ice cream seller, stumbled upon the location and saw this as a perfect opportunity to sell treats in that area.

Happy reading!


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