Show Me Your Smile (I Really Like You)


It was 2025, and three years into their career, LE SSERAFIM were still as strong as ever. Within that time, their youngest member, Hong Eunchae, had been a KBS Music Bank MC for two years, hosted over 100 episodes of her show, Eunchae’s Star Diary, and met many idols. Some of whom have asked her out. But, unfortunately for them, her heart already belonged to someone else.

Or 5 times someone asked Eunchae out and the 1 time she finally asked out the person she liked. 


My first idol au, as well as, crossover ship fic! Hope you all like it!

Also cross-posted on AO3 and Wattpad 

Written as part of FOR THE RECORD: DISC ONE

NOW PLAYING: I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen


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