Burn, Baby, Burn

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When Sana discovers that her crush is a blood- monster, she loses her and is determined to burn him at the stake.



all she can see is red

all he can see is food


Some chapters rated M for description of murder that includes blood and gore. Short story.

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hhhlcm #1
Chapter 1: So excited for this!
xlmrclnsmnpk 24 streak #2
Congratulations on winning the bid. I hope you get a lot of subscribers, readers, and commentators! I can’t wait to read this!
Chapter 1: Wow!! This is so intriguing!! I will definitely be back for more!!
559 streak #4
Chapter 1: OMG! This prologue is quite something and it got me hooked! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 👌💗🔥😉😍👍
kimminjung112 #5
Chapter 1: Oh this got me hooked already. Can’t wait to see whats about to come!
Chapter 1: sounds interesting! looking forward to reading more!!💙
559 streak #7
I love the sound of this plot! :D ;)
This is right up my alley omg!!😭🔥