prologue: all I can see is red

Burn, Baby, Burn
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all I can see is red prologue    

In an ideal world, war and crime wouldn’t exist, children wouldn’t starve, and I wouldn’t be lying in a pool of my own blood. The general consensus is that women like me, who walk alone at night, should know better. We agree on the risks associated with independence. We bear the consequences of someone else’s actions; that includes shouldering the burden of murder.

My own murder, that is. The blame lies on me.

A blood-, soulless monster wouldn’t have it any other way.

No, not me. I’m not the monster I refer to. I was the genius who thought it would be a good idea to stalk a killer at night and on his turf.

We both saw how this would end. A game of cat and mouse through these winding streets, except it better resembled an uneven match between Miss Bo Sheep and a mountain lion.

Humans have many natural predators. The top contender is other humans.

But, for those ignorant of the supernatural, another kind of predator lurks in the dark, the type that can walk in daylight, attend school, and hold onto jobs like we do. They blend in; as a matter of fact, they do it so well that I dreamt of marrying one of them.

My infatuation blinded me. My ego bolstered my

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Chapter 2: The OC is a complicated character. She likes to overthink everything and she keeps it in her head only. I think we will have a rollercoaster ride in this story.. excited!!
Chapter 2: I’m sorry for being weirdly intrigued and invested in Momo (she vaguely reminds me of an irl friend I had during my university days). There’s something ominous about her fate I’m sensing that makes me apprehensive but so far I love her dynamics with Sana ;w;

But gosh, Baekhyun absolutely has me on the fish hook and I see way too much of my freshmen self in Sana lol, the uncertainty and desire to believe there might have been something more, the feeling of wanting to be “special” even if it means reading too much into things. Ngl Baekhyun had me at multiple points because damn this man is a sweet talker 😳 I’m so curious how things are gonna progress!
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Chapter 2: Such an amazing chapter! I love the characters and the emotions!
hhhlcm #4
Chapter 1: So excited for this!
xlmrclnsmnpk 24 streak #5
Congratulations on winning the bid. I hope you get a lot of subscribers, readers, and commentators! I can’t wait to read this!
Chapter 1: Wow!! This is so intriguing!! I will definitely be back for more!!
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Chapter 1: OMG! This prologue is quite something and it got me hooked! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 👌💗🔥😉😍👍
kimminjung112 #8
Chapter 1: Oh this got me hooked already. Can’t wait to see whats about to come!
Chapter 1: sounds interesting! looking forward to reading more!!💙
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I love the sound of this plot! :D ;)