Chapter 8: The Myoui's

My Destiny
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Author's note: The italic font is them talking in Japanese


For the past couple of months, Mina had found herself caught in a hectic whirlwind of schedules and commitments. Her life had turned into a whirlwind of constant activity, filled with rehearsals, performances, and media appearances as Twice readied themselves for their upcoming world tour. Throughout this period, Nicky had observed her girlfriend navigate this demanding world with unwavering grace and passion. However, she couldn't help but notice the toll it was taking on Mina. The exhaustion evident in her eyes and the weariness in her voice were clear indicators that she desperately needed a break. So, it was at this moment that Nicky decided to surprise Mina with a romantic dinner for the two of them.


With groceries in hand and a heart full of excitement, Nicky entered Mina's apartment after punching the passcode. She began setting the table with candles, flowers, and fine china, eager to create a memorable evening for her beloved.

Unbeknownst to Nicky, Mina had forgotten to mention that her parents were planning to visit that day. Mina's parents were eager to reunite with their daughter and share a special dinner.

The front door suddenly swung open as Nicky was busy in the kitchen. Mina's parents walked in, carrying bags of groceries, all set for the dinner they had planned to cook together.

Startled by the unexpected guests, Nicky turned to see Mina's parents standing in the doorway. She froze, her face flushing with surprise and mild panic.

Mina's mother, her eyes widening in astonishment, was the first to break the silence. "Oh my! Mina, you didn't mention you had guests over." She exclaimed in Japanese.

Equally surprised, Mina startled by her mom's loud voice was roused from her sleep in her bedroom. She quickly rushed into the living room, where her eyes widened upon seeing her parents standing before Nicky.

"M-Mom, Dad, this is Nicky," Mina stammered. "My girlfriend."

Though caught off guard, Nicky quickly regained her composure and extended a hand with a warm smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." She said

Mina's parents exchanged glances, clearly taken aback by the unexpected introduction, their surprise deepening as Nicky greeted them in Japanese. Nevertheless, they shook Nicky's hand and managed polite smiles.

Mina's mother couldn't contain her amazement. "How did you come to speak Japanese?" she asked, her voice tinged with genuine interest.

Nicky's eyes sparkled with pride as she responded, "I studied Japanese in college and spent a year in Tokyo as an exchange student. It's a beautiful language, and Japanese culture has always fascinated me."

Mina looked at her parents' surprised expression with a smile, proud of her girlfriend's accomplishments and ability to bridge the gap between their worlds. 


Nicky's carefully planned romantic dinner had suddenly turned into an unplanned family meeting.

Despite the initial surprise and awkwardness, Mina's parents proved to be incredibly warm and welcoming. They quickly recognized Nicky's effort in preparing the romantic dinner and appreciated her dedication to their daughter.

Mina's father, a kind-hearted man with a cheerful personality, chuckled and said, "Well, Nicky, I must say you've picked quite the moment to meet us. But it's clear you have excellent taste in surprising our daughter."

Caught off guard by the unexpected situation, Nicky couldn't help but shoot a bemused glance at Mina. "Well, it appears I have a knack for timing," Nicky quipped with a hint of amusement, her eyes fixed on Mina.

Realizing her omission, Mina interjected with a sheepish smile, "Nicky, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot to mention that my parents were planning to visit today. It took me by surprise as well."


Mina's mother joined the conversation with a warm smile, "Oh, don't worry about it, dear. Surprises can be lovely, and we're delighted to meet you, Nicky, even if it was unexpected. The most important thing is that Mina is happy, and it's clear you make her very happy."

Nicky felt a sense of relief wash over her as she realized that Mina's parents were accepting and genuinely pleased to meet her. The tension in the room began to melt away, replaced by a warm and friendly atmosphere.


As they all sat down to enjoy Nicky's cooking, the table was set aglow with candlelight, casting a warm ambiance over the room. Mina's father took a sip of wine and leaned in. "This meal is absolutely delicious, Nicky. You're quite the chef."

With a touch of gratitude and a hint of bashfulness, Nicky beamed warmly at Mina's parents. "Thank you so much, Mr. Myoui. I truly enjoy cooking, especially for Mina. I wanted to make this evening special for her and for all of us to enjoy together."

Mina's mother, touched by Nicky's sincerity, replied warmly, "That's very sweet of you, Nicky. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, and we're looking forward to this special evening together."

Mina's father took another bite of the exquisite meal and then, curiosity shining in his eyes, asked, "So, Nicky, you mentioned that you enjoy cooking. What do you do for a living?"

Nicky's eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she replied, "Well, I own a restaurant here in town. We focus on creating delicious, homemade dishes with a touch of fusion cuisine. My best friends, the chefs, love experimenting with flavours and creating memorable dining experiences for our guests."

Mina chimed in, "Nicky's restaurant is not only known for its delicious food but also for its beautiful interior design. She's very artistic, and it shows how she's decorated the place."

Mina's father nodded in appreciation. "It sounds like you've put a lot of thought and effort into it. How long has your restaurant been open?"

Nicky smiled as she answered, "We've been open for a little over three years now, and it's been a fulfilling journey. I have a great team working with me, and the support from the community has been amazing. I feel truly blessed."

Mina's mother, now even more intrigued, chimed in, "That sounds wonderful, Nicky. What's the name of your restaurant? We should definitely visit sometime."


Nicky's smile widened, "It's called 'Nicky's Gastronomia.' We provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere for our guests, and we'd be honoured to have you both over for a meal anytime.

Mina's father nodded in approval. "Well, if the meal we're enjoying now indicates your culinary skills, I'm sure your restaurant is amazing. We'll have to plan a dinner date there soon."

Mina's mother added, "Absolutely, and we can invite some friends too. It sounds like a place we'd love to experience."


Nicky's heart warmed at the thought of having Mina's parents as guests at her restaurant. As the meal progressed, the conversation naturally turned towards Nicky's own family. Mina's father, with a warm and curious smile, asked, "Nicky, how about your family? Do you get to see them often?"

Nicky's expression softened as she replied, "My parents are both doing well. They live in LA, so we don't get to see each other as often as I'd like, but we stay connected through calls and visits when we can."

Mina's mother's eyes lit up with recognition. "Los Angeles? That's such a vibrant city. And what about your siblings? Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

Nicky nodded, "Yes, I have one older sister, Tiffany. She's pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, and you might know of her. She's a member of a famous K-pop group called Girls' Generation."

Mina's parents exchanged surprised glances, clearly i

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