Chapter 10: Happy Memories Part 1

My Destiny
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Chapter 10: Happy Memories Part 1


The next day, the sun's golden rays filtered through the curtains of Nicky's bedroom, gently waking the couple from their peaceful slumber. As Mina stirred and opened her eyes, she found herself wrapped in Nicky's warm embrace, a serene smile gracing her lips. Their kiss from the night before had been a powerful reminder of their deep love and commitment to one another.

With a soft, contented sigh, Mina nestled her head against Nicky's chest, feeling the steady rhythm of her heartbeat beneath her ear. It was a soothing reassurance, a reminder that they were a team, facing the world together. Nicky's presence had a calming effect on Mina, and she felt genuinely anchored in their love.

She carefully untangled herself from Nicky's embrace, trying not to disturb her rest, and went to the kitchen to prepare a fresh coffee. The aroma of the brewing coffee filled the air, and the sound of it percolating echoed through the quiet house. Soon, the comforting scent reached Nicky's senses, gently coaxing her awake.

Moments later, Nicky joined Mina in the kitchen, wrapping her arms around her from behind as Mina poured two cups of coffee. The fragrant steam rose in spirals as they clinked their mugs together, sharing an unspoken moment of reassurance.


Nicky grabbed her phone, and together, they opened the article and began to read the words that would not only reaffirm their commitment to each other but also to their shared resolve to protect their love from the prying eyes of the media.

The article provided concrete evidence that Mina was not alone with the man in the photo, as all the members of Twice had been present. It was a clear and factual response to the rumour, and it brought a sense of relief to Mina and Nicky, knowing that the truth had come to light.

As they finished reading, Mina and Nicky exchanged a reassuring glance, their connection more vital than ever. They knew the truth had been spoken, and their love was unwavering. With relief, they put the phone aside, leaning in to share a sweet morning kiss.

Nicky then turned to Mina, her eyes filled with care, and asked, "So, my love, what's on your schedule for the day?"

Mina smiled, feeling a weight lifted from her shoulders, and replied, "Actually, the company has given my members and me three days off. They want to ensure we have the space and time to address the misunderstandings and take a break from the public eye."

Nicky nodded in understanding, grateful for the thoughtful decision from their management. "That sounds like a much-needed break," she said. "Is there anything special you'd like to do today?"

Mina thought momentarily and shook her head, "Nope, nothing comes to mind."

Nicky's eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she replied, "How about we head to the cabin I own in the countryside? It's a serene and beautiful place, and we can invite your members. It'll be a perfect opportunity to relax and create beautiful memories together."

Mina's eyes lit up at the idea, and she nodded in agreement. "That's a fantastic idea, babe. I'm sure the others would appreciate the break as well; I'll let them know now."


Mina quickly sent a message to her fellow Twice members, sharing Nicky's proposal. Within moments, the responses started pouring in, filled with enthusiasm and excitement. They all agreed that spending their three days off at the countryside cabin was an excellent plan, and they couldn't wait to spend quality time together.

Jihyo wrote, "Sounds amazing! Spending my weekend with relaxation and fun, count me in!"

Sana chimed in with, "I've been needing a break. This is perfect!"

Nayeon added, "I'm looking forward to it! Thanks, Mina yah!"

With the enthusiastic responses from her fellow members, Mina couldn't help but smile. It was clear that everyone was eager for a weekend of relaxation and bonding away from the prying eyes of the public. The plan was set, and their weekend at the countryside cabin promised to be a beautiful and memorable experience for all of them.


They arranged to meet up at Nicky's restaurant around noon. It was the perfect spot to kick off their day together. As the members arrived one by one, hugs, laughter, and warm greetings filled the air. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as they all looked forward to their weekend escape.

They settled into a cozy corner of the restaurant, and Nicky's expertly crafted dishes began to arrive at their table. As they shared stories, laughter, and good food, the worries and rumours of the outside world faded into the background.


After a satisfying and leisurely meal, they prepared to depart for the countryside cabin, taking two cars for the journey. Mina, Sana, Tzuyu, and Jeongyeon joined Nicky in her car. Meanwhile, Momo, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Dahyun huddled together in Jihyo's car.

Nicky's car took the lead, with her at the wheel, setting the pace for the journey. Jihyo followed closely behind, and as they hit the open road, a sense of adventure and unity filled the air. The scenic beauty of the countryside served as a picturesque backdrop to their journey, and the anticipation of the day ahead grew with each passing mile.

The road stretched before them, winding through rolling hills and lush green fields. As they drove deeper into the countryside, the city's hustle and bustle gradually faded into the distance, replaced by the tranquil sounds of nature.


In Nicky's car, laughter and chatter filled the air as the four friends enjoyed the journey. Mina, Sana, Tzuyu, and Jeongyeon took turns sharing stories and playing their favourite songs on the car's stereo. The warm sun streamed through the windows, casting a gentle glow on their faces.


As they continued on their way, Sana leaned forward from the backseat and asked, "Hey, do we need to stop by the supermarket before we get to the cabin? You know, for snacks and stuff?"

Nicky smiled and replied, "No need, Sana. Everything is already stocked in the cabin. I made sure we had all the snacks, drinks, and everything we needed for a great time."

Sana, satisfied with the answer, settled back into her seat, and the journey continued with their excited anticipation growing with each passing mile.


In Jihyo's car, the atmosphere was just as lively. Momo, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Dahyun passed around snacks and engaged in spirited conversations. They couldn't help but burst into spontaneous laughter, their friendship and camaraderie growing stronger with every passing minute.

The two cars occasionally pulled over at scenic viewpoints, allowing everyone to stretch their legs and take in the breathtaking landscapes. They snapped photos, enjoying the fresh country air and the freedom of the open road.


As the day went on, they reached their countryside cabin, nestled in a serene and remote location. The cabin was surrounded by towering trees and overlooked a peaceful lake. Excitement bubbled within the group as they stepped out of their cars and took in the natural beauty that surrounded them.

The cabin's exterior was adorned with charming wooden details, and the surrounding forest seemed to embrace it, providing a sense of seclusion and tranquillity. A wooden porch wrapped around the front, offering a perfect spot to take in the breathtaking view of the peaceful lake, which shimmered in the afternoon sunlight.

Twice, members marvelled at the natural beauty that enveloped them. The towering trees provided shade and a sense of grandeur, while the serene lake beckoned them to explore its clear waters. The melodious songs of birds filled the air, creating a symphony that felt like the perfect backdrop to their adventure.

"Wow, Nicky, you really found a hidden paradise here," Jeongyeon exclaimed, her eyes tracing the outline of the cabin and the lush surroundings.

Nicky beamed with pride, "I knew you all would love it. It's the perfect place for a peaceful getaway."

Nicky's smile widened as she approached the cabin's door, a wooden structure adorned with a rustic charm that complemented the natural surroundings. With anticipation, she opened the door and gestured for her friends to step inside.


"Welcome, everyone, to my humble space of paradise," Nicky announced as Twice members filed in. The interior of the cabin exuded a cozy warmth that instantly embraced them. Wooden beams lined the ceiling, and large windows let natural light flood the open living space. A comfortable sitting area faced a stone fireplace, while a well-equipped kitchen awaited them.


Momo, alwa

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