A Cherished Ray

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“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.”

– Roy Croft –



I was watching The Inheritors few weeks back and was inspired once again to write a story on my very first OTP. The very OTP that resulted in me going on an unstoppable loony spree once upon a time. LOL. I cannot believe that the drama will be TEN years old this coming October 9th! How time have passed. Of course reality is one thing but it is still fun to imagine their interactions. It is a fan fiction afterall. And I guess such precious memories deserved to be reminisced, especially on the 10th year anniversary of the drama. How apt. As a tribute to the drama that they starred together back in 2013, here's another amateur and rusty (please accept my apologies in advance) attempt by me at a MinShin fanfic based on teenage love. Hope you enjoy the read.

Once again, a big thank you for all the support for my MinShin fanfics past and present.

Lotsa Love



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Chapter 6: you out done yourself again dearest Piecesofrainbow...Loving this mysterious Shin Hye.Hahaha Lee Min Ho remains the Lee MinHo I recognize from MinShin days.
apinyaYC #2
Chapter 6: Thanks author...I can't wait next chapter (⁠*⁠˘⁠︶⁠˘⁠*⁠)⁠.⁠。⁠*⁠♡
apinyaYC #3
Chapter 4: Author.. Can you update everyday??? It's very fun...I like you story (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡
apinyaYC #4
Chapter 3: I can't wait next chapter!!!! Your fanfic so interesting.. thank you so much author for update (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡
apinyaYC #5
Chapter 1: Thanks for update minshin fanfic...I am so glad to see minshin's writer comeback... hope that you update next chapter soon(⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡