Better Things | A Writing Contest! [Open, accepting entries]

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Better Things.
This is Snow. And I am hosting this small contest, feat. aespa. I just felt I have some good prompts in dust and I needed great writers to work on them. I wanted to write them all, but I feel too busy to do so these days. 😭 I am sure there are good authors here and they would like to have some ideas. The prizes won't be much though... I just wanted to hold a contest and read stories with good plots and my favorite couples.
So, if you are ready to join to create beautiful stories or want to read some masterpieces, subscribe now.

Hope it will be a good and fun contest. Enjoy!
The prizes might change, it depends on the participations.
Established : September 11, 2023
Status: Accepting
one Please Subscribe and upvote if you want to join in the contest
two Support other authors if you participate in. No bashing others.
three I won't accept a full story. The story must have a good plot. And your story can have at the most three [M] rated chapters.
four The story must have at least 10k words. Chaptered or one-shot is ok.
five Add the tag, betterthingscontest and put the banner of the contest in your story's forward and link it back to the contest + your prompts. Banner
sixEvery author can submit two entries.
seven You got to pick two prompts, not more, nor less. Password: your bias' name
eight Please finish the story up to dead line August 5th, 2024.
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First place: 1400 karma points
Second place: 700 karma points
Third place: 300 karma points
Snow's fav: 200 karma points
Here you go!


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hi, can i enter old stories?
Hi! I want to enter another entry :)
134 streak #3
hi author Snowflake01!!

here is my entry!!

story title:hopeless romantics
characters/couples:exo,girls generation/baekhyunxtaeyeon
summary:baekhyun and taeyeon are hopeless romantics..baekhyun and taeyeon have both been the hopeless romantic their entire lives..wanting to be loved and to love..however once it shows up in their life..they both do not know what to do with it but they know one thing for sure..that is they are choosing to love each other despite what other people say to them about each other..they labelled her the korean taylor swift..and him..the boy who wants to aim for someone that he should not be aiming for..
prompts:13 and 14
story link:

134 streak #4
hi Snowflake01!!

so can i ask..what is the criteria for the grading??i am thinking about entering..

Chapter 1: Kyaaaakkk
I wanna do it, I wanna do it.
Would I be able to do it tho? T_T
Username: captaintycoon
Story Title: Electric City
Summary: Kim Jungeun is a 19-year-old working student in Togata Tech School, situated in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Grinding day and night for a better future, she will be suddenly introduced to a world where only the strong can win to get the things they desire. With debts and bills side-by-side, Jungeun will enter the so-called, Electric City. Meanwhile, Kim Jiwoo is in the same age as her, who seems to know a lot of this flip-side of the city.
Characters/Couples: Kim Lip x Chuu (platonic), Moon Sua (Billlie), Nine (OnlyOneOf)
Prompts: #20: "You can't wake up. This is not a dream. You're part of a machine. You're not a human being.", #25: "When the world's not kind, if we have each other, then we both be fine."
Password: Kim Lip
Story Link:
Chapter 1: Hello! I'm interested to join. Can I have prompt 20 and 25? I just cannot upvote since I still don't have 10 karmas :'(
Do you accept stories with hetero couples? ex. Jennie-V
Username: Lakanamihan
Story title: Blackmouth
Characters/Couples: Seventeen
Summary: Howie (THE8) finds a clue that could lead him to recover his lost memories in the form of a sequence of letters and number: PZCY9. His chance at decoding this falls into his willingness to trust his coworkers at The Roundtable, who seem to be hiding secrets of their own.
Prompts: #4, #28
Password: The8
Story link:
Chapter 2: Thank you! I'm so excited about this contest, tbh.