Tangled Hearts

Lonely Footprints
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Ahreum's early thirties brought a bittersweet blend of joy and longing as she witnessed the lives of those closest to her evolve. Dohyun and Jimin, her steadfast friends from university, had found happiness in their respective partners and embraced the joys of building families. Ahreum celebrated their milestones with a genuine smile, cherishing the warmth of their companionship even as her own heart yearned for a love that seemed forever out of reach.

Amidst the ebb and flow of life, a new figure emerged on Ahreum's horizon, a man named Ji Chang Wook. They crossed paths through a book club, where they found solace in the words written on pages and the shared passion for literature. Chang Wook, with his magnetic presence and engaging intellect, captivated Ahreum's attention.

As their encounters grew more frequent, Ahreum discovered herself falling helplessly into the depths of affection for Chang Wook. Their conversations were filled with laughter, intellectual debates, and shared moments of vulnerability. Each interaction left Ahreum yearning for more, her heart echoing with the desire for a love that could never truly be.

For Chang Wook, however, there were boundaries that could not be crossed. He was a devoted husband and father, his commitment to his family unwavering. Despite the undeniable connection between them, Chang Wook held steadfast to his marital vows, refusing to let their friendship blur the lines of fidelity.

Ahreum found he

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