Unlikely Bond

Lonely Footprints
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The vast university campus buzzed with youthful energy and the promise of new beginnings. It was within this bustling hive of academia that Ahreum's path intertwined with that of Lee Taeyong, a fellow student whose vibrant presence would forever shape the fabric of her university experience.

Their first encounter was unremarkable, a casual introduction during a group project that left little impression. But as fate would have it, their paths crossed again in the library, amidst towering bookshelves and whispered conversations.

Ahreum, engrossed in her studies, found herself captivated by Taeyong's infectious laughter and genuine warmth. It was as if a spark had been ignited, one that defied her expectations and kindled a burgeoning friendship.

As they spent more time together, Ahreum discovered the layers beneath Taeyong's charismatic exterior. He possessed an innate ability to listen, to offer solace in moments of doubt, and to celebrate even the smallest victories. Their conversations flowed effortlessly, covering topics ranging from literature to dreams and everything in between.

Deep within Ahreum's heart, a peculiar sensation took root. It was an affection unlike any she had experienced before—a profound love that transcended romantic notions. She loved Taeyong, not as a potential partner, but as a friend who brought solace and understanding to her life.

But Ahreum was no stranger to internal conflicts. As she unraveled her own emotions, she confronted an un

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