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Nam Woohyun is the famous "out of control" son of two influential people. While he was out from the shackles binding him from his family, he met Kim Sunggyu: the new Stellar Astronomy professor.




It was said that northern star was a reliable guide to find the way to the north. Once one saw it, he would never lose his way. 




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Chapter 2: starting the day with woogyu fic ♡ thank you for writing this. gonna read the sequel now.

ps. at the end woohyun was really greasy hahaha
Anxioussoul #2
Chapter 1: Why can’t I subscribe this story to read 😞
Chapter 1: You never disappoint... Loved reading this. Much love to you for regularly giving us new stories ❤️
Simran20 #4
Chapter 1: Such a warm love story😍😍 Thankyou so much for the update author nim ♥️♥️♥️