In A Year's Time! A Writing Contest (CLOSED)

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One year to enter and complete a story! Come join my new contest and let your imagination form into a masterpiece. 


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Chapter 15: Congratulations to all the winners and entries~
Chapter 15: Whoah, I can't believe I won! I always have my doubts when it comes to the stories I write, but this is really encouraging. Thank you so much for the contest and everything else. I know for sure that writing my entry pulled me out of a writing slump.
Chapter 15: Thank you 🙏🏼!!
Chapter 15: Thank you for choosing me as a winner. Really apreciate it. It feel good after a while.-bow-.
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: I hope this isn't too late, but I finally finished my second entry for this competition. Here it is if you're still accepting entries:

Username: steamed_hamsters
Story title: Witch Hunter
Story link:
Group: Red Velvet
Prompt: 32. "Hope has only ever failed me."

It says 21 chapters but only 18 of them are the actual fic, the rest are memes and author notes.
Chapter 11: Time passes by too quickly :0
Chapter 11: ahhhhhhh i keep meaning to write something for this and i keep forgetting :((
Chapter 3: Hi, i wanna join this contest!^^

Username: iemacute
Story title: Moron
Story link:
Groups: NCT and Blackpink
Prompts: 5,8,16
Chapter 3: Hi, again. This is the story I wrote :)

Username: TrueBoice101
Story Title: "Under the Shade of Poplars"
Story Link:
Groups: Viviz and Infinite
43. “No one can break your heart if you keep it broken anyway.”
51. “You seemed to like me better when I lied.”
52. “Could you stay a little bit longer?”
Chapter 3: Username: Moncherri
Story title :Curse Child
Story link:
Group: BTS, NCT, SF9
Prompt: 1 & 5