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 I am embarked a lot of ships to say the least. Here are some I obsess over:

YoungSang (Kdrama The Heirs)

HyoSang (Kdrama The Heirs)


KagomexSeshomaru (Inuyasha)

ChAir (GossipGirl)

HermionexDraco (HP)

Duk SeonxTaekie (Reply 1988)

Duk SeonxJungHwan (Reply 1988)

MyungSang (The Heir)




About Me

i just wanna write.
I am a hopeless romantic that writes frequently about NONSENSE THAT SOME SEEM TO LIKE <3 I AM 26 YRS OLD AND JUST CRUISIN' THROUGH LIFE. LIVING AND LEARNING. and still trying to learn how to get on a proper writing schedule lol one day i'll get it right.