Curse Child

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400 years ago, a demon put a curse on King Lee Rin. Every time a baby girl born in royal family she will be killing by the demon. No one knows why the demon put this curse on King Rin generation. The rumour says King Rin’s daughter, Princess Lee HaEun make a promise with the demon and she broke the promise. Princess Ha Eun is greedy and jealous with her step sister, Princess Na Eun. Princess Na Eun is beautiful and kind. She marries the young General Jeon and their life is filling with glory and honour.

Princess Ha Eun disappeared soon after the demon put the curse on the royal family. She never been found and no one knows if she is dead or alive, until now days. The mystery remain unsolved and the royal family still waiting for the Curse Child born.

The royal family believe she will remove the curse.






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