The Royal Scandal
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The atmosphere in the White Drawing Room was formal and reserved as Queen Irene and the Prime Minister engaged in their monthly meeting at Bosworth Castle. It was a customary duty for the Prime Minister to provide updates to the Queen on parliamentary matters.

"So, how's the same- marriage bill progressing?" Irene casually inquired, catching the Prime Minister off guard with her unexpected question. As per protocol, the monarch was expected to maintain political neutrality, only wielding the power to veto legislation.

"Well, it is currently under debate in both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, Ma'am," the Prime Minister replied, regaining his composure.

Irene nodded thoughtfully. "Why the sudden interest, Ma'am? If I may ask?" the Prime Minister ventured to inquire, curious about the Queen's personal involvement in the matter.

"To be honest, Mr. Prime Minister, my cousin Lady Vanderwood is marrying a woman, and I want them to have the opportunity to wed here," Irene revealed in a matter-of-fact tone, surprising the Prime Minister with this new information.

"Is The Firm aware of this, Ma'am?" he asked, taken aback by the revelation and the fact that the royal household hadn't informed him of such a significant development.

"The Firm... What exactly is it, Mr. Prime Minister? Was it established to exert control over the affairs of the royal household?" Irene questioned, challenging the traditional role of the institution.

"Ma'am, as you know, The Firm manages matters pertaining to the Family, including significant decisions like same- marriage. Don't you think it would be prudent to consult with them?" the Prime Minister responded, emphasizing the importance of tradition in maintaining the stability of the monarchy.

"Perhaps it's time for a change... The world is evolving, and I believe the royal family should adapt accordingly. Do you not agree it's time to abolish The Firm?" Irene countered, expressing her desire for modernization and progress.

"Ma'am, with all due respect, the royal family's endurance relies heavily on tradition. Continuously altering established practices may jeopardize its longevity. I advise against challenging The Firm and its decisions—it could be perceived as a political maneuver," the Prime Minister cautioned, urging Queen Irene to reconsider her stance.

"I will take your advice into consideration, Mr. Prime Minister. Thank you for your input. You may leave now," Irene said firmly, subtly reminding him of her authority as sovereign.

Once the Prime Minister had departed, Irene wasted no time in contacting Mr. Aberdeen to arrange a meeting with The Firm. Determined to assert her authority and usher in change, she reminded herself of her duty as Queen.

"It's time to abandon pretense and embrace my role as a true Queen, Irene. I can do this," she affirmed to herself, ste

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Ryunero #1
Chapter 7: Omg thank u for the update! Since school days? Wow altho it keeps mentioning not in this lifetime I’ll try to have hope for their love story🤧
Chapter 7: They're destined to have a tragic love story unless Irene can convince the firm to change their ways
970 streak #3
Chapter 7: Yeah the burden of being the Queen is you can't choose the person you want to marry 🥺💔😭
softforseulrene #4
Chapter 1: idk to you all, but her father’s death gives me goosebumps just the way how The Crown felt me
111 streak #5
Chapter 7: Sending hugs!
111 streak #6
Chapter 7: Lets fight for your love queen irene!
111 streak #7
Chapter 7: *crying*
Chapter 7: I'm happy we get more deep of their relationship n the scene from their high school. Lets fight for your love irene!
blessmeohyeah #9
Chapter 7: The way seulgi accept the fact that she will never be Irene’s priority 😭 how painful must’ve been :((