The Royal Scandal
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Tiffany and Taeyon are staying as Bosworth Castle because Irene insisted that they should stay at castle since they are family rather than stayin at a hotel. Of course Taeyon and Tiffany are so thankful of Irene's generosity towards them but they are really nervous on what might happen at the family dinner when Tiffany will finally introduce her fiance to the whole family.


Irene finished her meetings and other duties early for the reason that she wanted to me Taeyon. She heard a lot of good things about her through Tiffany's stories but she wants to meet and judge her herself. She wants to know her real intention towards her cousin and she wants to see if she's really serious about this. Irene just want to make sure that Taeyon will be a good future wife to her cousin.


"Are all my schedule done for the day, Mr. Aberdeen?" Irene asked as she put her pen down.


"Yes, Ma'am. We finished early today." Mr. Aberdeen replied.


"Alright. I'm going to see my cousin now. Thank you, Mr. Aberdeen." Irene said.


"Have a nice day ahead, Ma'am." Mr. Aberdeen replied before leaving the Irene's study.


Irene grabbed the telephone and called Yeri.


"Yeri, can you send a message to the west wing that I'll visit Tiffany now." Irene said.


"Alright, Ma'am. Do you want me to come with you?" Yeri asked.


"No need. I'll go there myself." Irene replied.


"Alright, Ma'am." Yeri replied.


Tiffany and Taeyon are at the west wing of the Castle where the guest rooms are located.


Irene knocked on the door and Tiffany opens it.


"That was fast!" Tiffany chuckled as she greets her cousin with a hug.


"Well, I can't wait to meet the person who makes my cousin go this crazy." Irene replied chuckling.


They went inside and Irene sat on the recieving area of the room where Taeyon is already at while being really shy.


"Hi. Nice to meet you, Taeyon." Irene said smiling at Taeyon.


"O-oh my gosh. Your Majesty, n-nice to meet you." Taeyon replied nervously while handing her hands for a hand shake.


Irene shook her hand while chuckling.


"Are you nervous? Is she scared of me? What did you tell her, Tiff?" Irene said laughing.


"Sorry, I didn't tell her you're coming until the last minute." Tiffany said laughing.


"Silly. Don't be nervous, Taeyon. Also, you don't have to address me as Your Majesty in private. That's just for formality." Irene said laughing.


"O-okay, Ma'am." Taeyon replied.


"No need for Ma'am too. Irene will do. You'll be part of the family soon." Irene said winking at Taeyon which made her shy more.


"She's efortlessly funny, isn't she? That's one of the things I love about her." Tiffany said bragging about her Fiance.


"Yes, she is." Irene replied while smiling at the both of them.


Irene looked happy while staring at the two looking so lovely towards each other. There is this feeling inside her that she cannot describe. And there is one person that keeps popping out of her mind now. Is she feeling envy to her cousin?  Because she knows that even if she wants to have what Tiffany does--- she can't.


"Hey, earth to Irene!" Tiffany said while snapping her fingers infront of Irene.


"Sorry, I just remembered something. What are we talking about?" Irene said chuckling.


"Tommorow's dinner. Do you think we'll be okay?" Tiffany asked.


"I really hope so. Don't worry, whatever happens, I got you. Okay?" Irene said.


"I'm really thankful, Irene. I won't forget this." Tiffany replied.


"Anyway, you guys can stay here as long as you want, okay? And did you guys have dinner already?" Irene asked.


"We're just about to." Tiffany replied.


"Let's go. I'm famished." Irene replied.


The trio went to have dinner together and they enjoyed it. They are sharing funny stories that they experienced while studying overseas and how it is different there compared to Earlton. How normal their lives there and how public their life is in Earlton but even though that's the case, they still missed their beloved country because it is still better when your family is close to you.

@ Bosworth Castle, Private Dining Area


The Royals are gatheres at the private dining area in the castle. This is where all the family meetings are held. It is only big enough for the family and very intimate compared to the Main Dining Area where the State Banquets are held.


Tonight, the adgenda for the family meeting is not disclosed by the Queen when she sent the invitations. That's why all the Royals are confused on why there is a sudden meeting.


Everyone is talking to each other, it is loud. Everyone is either laughing or talking behind someone's back. Most people think that Royals are prim and proper like how they portray themselves in public but that is rarely the case behind closed doors. Most members are rude specially to lower ranks or commoners. That's why members like Irene and Tiffany are not kin with some of their other family members.


Everyone kept quiet when Irene walked into the room and they bow at her as a sign of respect. Although they are family, in private gatherings like this they must show they respect to the Queen. The Royal Family hierarchy is implemented at all times except to people that has a close relationship with Irene. 


"Thank you for coming on such short notice. I have gathered you all today to discuss a very important matter concerning one of our f

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Chapter 7: They're destined to have a tragic love story unless Irene can convince the firm to change their ways
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