The Royal Scandal
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Chapter VII

The Queen has been under immense stress lately, especially since her encounter with Miss Snow. The Firm's relentless pressure regarding the topic of marriage has only exacerbated her worries. She's well aware of Miss Snow's intentions, adding an extra layer of complexity to her situation. To top it off, a list of the most eligible bachelors has been sent directly to her, further fueling the expectations placed upon her.

"Why is her majesty so distant in her thoughts..." A gentle voice whispers into Irene's ear, accompanied by warm hands enveloping her waist.

"Hmm... being Queen is quite the challenge... all I long for is to cuddle with you every single day..." Irene pouts as she turns towards the girl standing before her, planting a tender kiss on her lips.

Seulgi chuckles softly.

"But the country relies on you... as much as I desire to keep you all to myself, I understand that I can't have you by my side every moment," Seulgi remarks with a hint of resignation.

Irene's pout deepens, prompting Seulgi to playfully pinch her cheeks.

In these private moments, Irene sheds the weight of her public persona and allows herself to be vulnerable, embracing a softer, more intimate side that only Seulgi is privileged to witness. It's a comforting thought for Irene, knowing that amidst the demands of her role, she has someone who sees her for who she truly is.

"Now come here!" Seulgi declared playfully, scooping Irene up into her arms and carrying her towards the bed.

Irene couldn't contain her laughter. "Come on, this isn't how you treat your Queen!" she teased, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Well, then, your majesty, I hope you'll forgive this humble servant for being a pain in the ..." Seulgi quipped, peppering Irene's neck with soft kisses that elicited giggles from the Queen.

When Seulgi noticed Irene was catching her breath from all the kissing and tickling, she silently lay beside her, observing Irene's mood quickly brightening.

"See, it's not hard to smile, right? I know you've been stressing out lately because of your cousin, because of the pressure of getting married... but when the burden is too much to bear, just come to me... I promise I will keep you safe and happy," Seulgi said, her smile warm and reassuring.

Irene turned to face Seulgi, her expression softening.

"I don't want to marry anyone but you..." Irene confessed, her hands gently resting on Seulgi's chest as she laid her head on Seulgi's shoulder.

"Well... we both know, that won't happen in this lifetime..." Seulgi joked lightly, though a hint of pain lingered in her chest.

Seulgi grasped the unspoken reality of their circumstances with a quiet resolve. She had silently pledged to herself to remain steadfast by Irene's side, acknowledging Irene's unwavering commitment to her duties as Queen above all else. While Irene never vocalized her priorities, Seulgi understood implicitly where she stood in Irene's life.

Embracing her role as a transient presence—a mere interlude in Irene's life—Seulgi made a solemn promise never to burden Irene with the agonizing choice between love and duty. She had reconciled hers

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Ryunero #1
Chapter 7: Omg thank u for the update! Since school days? Wow altho it keeps mentioning not in this lifetime I’ll try to have hope for their love story🤧
Chapter 7: They're destined to have a tragic love story unless Irene can convince the firm to change their ways
970 streak #3
Chapter 7: Yeah the burden of being the Queen is you can't choose the person you want to marry 🥺💔😭
softforseulrene #4
Chapter 1: idk to you all, but her father’s death gives me goosebumps just the way how The Crown felt me
111 streak #5
Chapter 7: Sending hugs!
111 streak #6
Chapter 7: Lets fight for your love queen irene!
111 streak #7
Chapter 7: *crying*
Chapter 7: I'm happy we get more deep of their relationship n the scene from their high school. Lets fight for your love irene!
blessmeohyeah #9
Chapter 7: The way seulgi accept the fact that she will never be Irene’s priority 😭 how painful must’ve been :((