The Royal Scandal
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The Kingdom of Earlton is more than a thousand year old sovereign ruled by different imperial family who either faught for the crown or inherited it through bloodline. In this modern age, the throne of the Kingdom of Earlton is ruled by the Royal House of Snowdon. The Snowdon Dynasty can be traced back into the medieval age, where the world is ruled by Kings and Queens. Sadly, after hundreds of years, some monarchy wasn't able survived and some of the greatest empire in the world has fallen. That is why Earlton is very famous for it's Royal Family and it's very rich history. Being one of the few countries whose monarchy survived by being able to adapt in the modern time.


The Royal Family has been in a lot of controversies throughout it's thousand years of history. The recent ones threatens the existence of the monarchy. Some people who call themselves 'anti-monarchist' wants to abolish the Monarchy. They believe that the time of Kings and Queens are over and that people doesn't have to pay the Royal Family for its service to the people and the Nation. Although there are more people who wants the Royal Family to stay as it is a symbol of a patriotism and prosperity of the Nation. 


King Edward VI, the father of Queen Irene IV was able to stabalized his reign by marrying a commoner--- a normal girl with no association to any Royal Family or any Nobility---, which made him capture the hearts of his people but frown upon by the nobles and senior members of the Royal Family.


Some of the Royals doesn't want to associate themselves with commoners, let alone welcome one into the family. But Queen Consort Catherine was able to change the Royal Family's perception of her. She proved to them that she is worthy to be the Queen Consort of the Kingdom. She became an asset in International Relations with other country because of her beauty and her wit and of course, she was able to produce an heiress to the Kingdom which secured the future of the monarchy.


Being the Monarch means embarking the life of duty and endless responsibilities to the nation and its people until the moment of your death. That's why young royals, specially the ones that are close in the line of succession are trained all their lives to be ready in case the crown landed on their head. The crown prince/princess are the ones that are expected to inherit the crown from the moment that they are born, that is why being the monarch's first born child means your whole life is already figured out for you.



King Edward VI's health has been declining for the past year. He was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and expected only to live for a maximum of one year. It's been a tough year for the Royal Family, specially with the King's daughter, the crown princess is still young to take on a very serious role. Of course, Crown Princess Irene have been trained to be the next Queen but she is still too young and very lacking in so many ways. She might be the next queen but she is still just a high school kid in the eyes of the people--- and the government.


King Edward is worried of her daughter because he knows that when he dies, the Monarchy will be unstable. As much as he want to wait for another two years before he dies, so that the crown will smoothly transition to her daughter without any reservation-- he can't. He's health has been deteriorating day by day and he knows that he cannot fight it any longer. 


King Edward is aware that the current Prime Minister is not in favor of passing the crown to the Crown Princess and he believes that the Duke of Berry should be the next King as he is more suitable than the Crown Princess. The Duke of Berry is the King's brother and is third in the line of succession. The King also knows that his brother James has been eyeing the throne since they were children. He is hungry for power and he doesn't trust him with the Crown. 


The King has been convincing the Prime Minister to help the Crown Princess into smoothly transitioning the Crown to her daughter. The Prime Minister on the other hand kept insisting that the crown should be given to the King's younger brother instead because of his experience as being the Captain of the Royal Navy and a graduate of International Studies. 


King Edward's last option is his wife. He asked the Queen Consort to take the regency when he dies until Irene's 18th birthday when she can be fully embrace her role as the Monarch. The Queen Consort agreed and promised the King that she will do whatever it takes to protect their daughter and secure her rightful claim to the throne. The King warned her that the Prime Minister and the Duke of Berry is eyeing for the throne, so they should use the power of public opinion in their favor, so that, the Prime Minister and the Duke won't be able to usurp the crown.


March 30, 2007 @ Cordington Palace, the official Royal Residence of the House of Snowdon.


Her Royal Highness Princess Irene of Snowdon, crown princess of the Kingdom of Earlton is sleeping soundly at her bedroom. When a knock on her door woke her up.

"Your Royal Highness, you are needed in His Majesty's bedroom. The Queen Consort is already there too." A Palace staff said.

"What happened?" A confused princess asked.

"The health of the King is in a very bad shape, Ma'am. As per the royal protocol, you have to be at his bed side with the Queen Consort during this time." The Palace staff politely said.

She nodded.

She knew about the protocol. She knew what might happened. She just didn't want to accept the reality of what might happen. She's not ready. She knows that she's not.

"I'll follow you there." The princess sighed.

After fixing herself, Princess Irene went to her father's bedroom with a heavy heart.

"Your Royal Highness." The Palace guard greeted her with a bow before she enters as a royal courtesy.

She took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself before walking in or else she might cry when she sees her father and she knows that, it is not what her father would've wanted. 

He always taught her how to be strong and that she should never show her weakness or emotio

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