💗Heart Collision💗

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Love is universal...

It doesn’t ask for age, race, nationality...

All it asks is for two hearts to become one...

Two souls to fuse together...

Even if they are miles away...

But was all that about to change?

Could it be love at first sight?

Or did that only exist in fairytales?


Park Chanyeol, 31, Lawyer

Marino Alexandra, 21, Online English tutor

Kim Jongin, 30, Architect

LeBon Diana, 23, Online English tutor



1. Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses
2. Bon Jovi - In These Arms
3. Scorpions - Send Me An Angel
4. Kai - Peaches
5. Kai - Come In
6. Kai - Amnesia
7. Chanyeol - Circles
8. EXO - Been Through
9.  EXO - Lovin' You Mo'
10. EXO - Forever

A/N: It was inspired by my job, which I like and dislike at the same time, depending on the situation, but of course, it's the case with all jobs, right? *chuckles* Some things are possible, others are not. It's a fic, so things will be changed. *winks* 

I hope you enjoy it! 




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