Moonsun One-Shots


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girlofeternity_ss #1
Chapter 8: Hyejin is right. They're both cringe and goals.
_moongalaxy #2
Chapter 8: well, firstly condolences to your family
then, yeah this story does make me smile☺
and i want to suggest and would like you to try wrote...
about byul is like a kid that stuck in her adult body and yong have to take care of byul because byul's actually have a mental problem🤔
Taitai84 981 streak #3
Chapter 8: Your A/N is informative and hilarious!

Sorry about your loss, hope you feel better soon!
greenjade21 #4
Chapter 8: I think you catch the silliness of these two by using "worms"! Funny and cringey! Thanks for this update.

My condolences for your loss.
Dokusho #5
Chapter 8: That was very entertaining, thank you.

Also, my condolences.
ImNoJam #6
Chapter 7: I need more!

Give me some angst where after too many years Byul loses her hope that they'll ever be a couple and tries to get over Yong, maybe keeping some distance (but they end up together, please).
Chapter 7: i read all the prompts so fast that now i'm sad it's over hehddhdh i love your writing, the pace of everything and the characters voices. it suits them so well, i can hear them clearly jddjdidj thank you so much for writing it and i hope we get more from you in the future. 💖
tpdlpcrid #8
Chapter 7: Another one-shot prompt: They break up but then realize months later that they still love each other.
girlofeternity_ss #9
Chapter 7: What cute dynamic of the four of them. That was adorable.
girlofeternity_ss #10
Chapter 6: Wow, he's a newbie and still felt entitled. He really needs to be taught a lesson.