Three hours


Just a short fluffy one to celebrate Mamamoo+'s amazing but hectic comeback. This was inspired by Yong's TMI that they went to a motel and slept for three hours between schedules. 


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girlofeternity_ss #1
Chapter 1: This is so sweet, they're so considerate of each other.
Chapter 1: Awwwww so cute 💜
_moongalaxy #3
Chapter 1: auwwww🥺🙈poor moonsun😭
but, is there any second/third part?
celstboch #4
Chapter 1: wait, was that tmi recent ? this is not about the wawn shoot right ?
311 streak #5
Chapter 1: the moment i saw that tmi, i knew someone was going to catch it and write a fic, draw a comic, or something! i mean, it's literally a fanfic scenario. this was so cute! i loved the details like yong thinking it was harder than it used to be to keep her energy (which i think has been so evident with the unnie line of mmm lately, for the obvious reasons) or the sleep deprivation headache line .. those are the worst and i relate. nice job!
Chapter 1: so wholesome 🥺 love this story so much thank you ❤️