Change Of Plans

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Donghae and Hyukjae were supposed to go on a weekend breakfast with their daughter Haru, but an unprecedented event caused an unexpected change of plans. 




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1350 streak #1
That pic that hyuk sent in bubble brought me here ^^ hays the feels ❤️
insomniac2020 #2
Chapter 1: I love this!
insomniac2020 #3
Chapter 1: I love this!
1350 streak #4
Chapter 1: Read this on my way to work earlier and I can't just get over with the feels 🤧 happy 7.18 i guess
Chapter 1: aww domestic!eunhae is my favorite trope! loved this 💕
Chapter 1: Short story but full of love! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story ~^^
Chapter 1: Such a lovely story, it was sweet and Haru is such a cutie! Great story, you wrote it so nicely I really enjoyed it, thank you so much 💙
Fannylee #8
Chapter 1: This is so cute, beautiful, and heartwarming. I really love it! 😭💙
simjang #9
Chapter 1: This is so beautiful T_T It has husbands eunhae, eunhae, domestic eunhae, parents eunhae, sweet eunhae, childish eunhae, loving eunhae, everything in one chapter T_T

And I laughed so hard at Haru being more mature than both of them combined :)))
Peas89109 #10
Chapter 1: I love them so much😭😭😭
I can imagine them in these conservations and sweet gestures for each other.. . Thank you for this fluffy story author nim.
So so much love and absolutely beautiful.