Going Back Home...With Him.

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Donghae is headed back home, like he always does after every important accomplishment in life. And he's going home with Hyukjae.Β 


I've been stuck with a writer's block for weeks now (yes lol...it when you have tonnes of ideas in your head but you can't seem to write anything down) so this idea struck me yesterday and I vowed to finish writing this no matter how bad it turned out because this was the only way to demolish the walls & start writing again. please don't judge for any stupid errors 😭 I kind of proof read it so I hope there wont be any mistakes. also, like any author says, comments would be appreciated, whether they're compliments or constructive criticism. 


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1429 streak #1
Chapter 1: And i love you two ❀️ i miss eunhae sm.
Chapter 1: Omg the ending is so sweet! I loved reading this so much
Writer-nim you're by far the best eunhae writer. Can't wait to read more of your writings β™‘
Chapter 1: nooo comforting angst is the best kind of angst 😭 I loved this so much!! eunhae’s relationship was sooo wholesome in this with exactly the right amount of cheesy flirting 😩 me loves!! Thank for for sharing πŸ’•
Chapter 1: Such a beautiful ending for a heartwarming story πŸ’• Thankyu for writing this lovely piece that has me smiling cuz it's so so sweet
leigh1381 #5
Chapter 1: oh i love it 😍 perfect blend of everything πŸ‘
Sylphide890807 #6
Chapter 1: C'est tellement beau et émouvant.
Merci pour cette douceur et merci pour avoir partagé.
Chapter 1: Thank you for writing this! I’ve experienced sunset in Mokpo, the scene you describe made me miss Mokpo! Their friendship here is so beautiful.. I hope Hyuk will be on Hae’s side forever ..
Chapter 1: This was beautiful, their relationship is so wholesome, the flirting and cheesy lines, i think it's really cute. Thank you for writing this, i really enjoyed it πŸ’™
1429 streak #9
Chapter 1: This is so heartwarming 🀧 and yes, hyukee you sre the cheesiest 😁
enpress_ellen #10
Chapter 1: A sweet story πŸ’™