Worth It?

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Donghae has been feeling "abandoned" by Hyukjae for quite some time. And when Super Junior travel to Japan for their fanmeet for the first time in two years after the pandemic, things come crumbling down all at once. 


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99 streak #1
Chapter 1: 🥺 🥺
BYEOLNIMjewel #2
Chapter 1: im crying like stupid so i loved it..
Chapter 1: It's really a good angst and i love you for give them a happy ending 🥺💖
Chapter 1: oh my god, you wrote some of the most perfect angst I’ve ever read 😭
the way you portray them is with such a sincerity and realism, I was crying throughout reading this.
and the bit with the sun and moon at the end was so perfect for the story and was also heartwarming 😩 thank you for writing such a masterpiece !!
meowrawr_ #5
Chapter 1: i can relate to hyukjae. in reality, it’s really hard to bare your heart, even to trust people. we love people around us, trust some, but to talk about our feelings are really, really hard. we tend to suppress it until it is too much. hyukjae is really lucky to have donghae as he can trust him with his feelings.

a really good angst. i cried a lot 🥲
876 streak #6
Chapter 1: It is true that Hyukjae doesn't seem like a warm person but he would stand by his friends when needed. Perhaps he doesn't really know how to take care of his Donghae. It is hard to talk about unpleasant things and it is good that they are able to resolve their issues partially to be together.
Irl, I thought they drifted apart when Hyukjae moved back to the dorm. I felt that they were not seeing each other then even when they were living in the same building. Hyukjae chose to live with Kyu! But that is another story.
Thank you for sharing.
Idaharith #7
Chapter 1: It was beautiful, angst but happy ending . 😘
yk your angst is good when it makes people cried 🥲