Of Tiny Hands, Wet Kisses and Loud Laughter.

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They got married. They had a daughter. They started a family. But it didn't come to them as easily as someone would think. 


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Chapter 1: Yeah!!! Thanks to Hae’s pic you’re going to continue this right? Please say yes! Hehe
1429 streak #2
Chapter 1: Really love rereading this one (:
Chapter 1: im crying, this is so sweet ;-;
insomniac2020 #4
Chapter 1: This is so sweet. Thanks for this 💙
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Chapter 1: reading this again ^^ this is just so warm and fluff m. i live it! makes my fatigue go away! :)
Jimbam #6
Chapter 1: This is really sweet.. Awesome..
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Chapter 1: 😭😭😭
Chapter 1: It was such a heart warming fic.. filing the heart with sweetness, warmness and also a lil nostalgia. You wrote it so quickly though since release of teaser. Amazing.

PS: I think you made a typo where Haru tells she loves "papa/Hae" more.. you've written appa meaning Hyuk. I think you interchanged appa and papa by mistake.
fel86ling #9
Chapter 1: This story is so full of love, warmth and sweetness 🥺 I’m so envious. Thank you for making me smile today 🥰
Chapter 1: Awww...I've always had some soft spot for EunHae and child AU 🥰🥰