Drinks For Two


Mark and Jinyoung could barely even be called acquaintances in the past, and both couldn't be more different from each other. A chance encounter decades after their school days brings them deeply into each others' lives, forming a friendship to help both heal from wounds of the past, and then perhaps forming something deeper to confront the yet unknown future. Slice of life AU.


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Chapter 5: I just finished rereading this story full of mundane wonders with sparks of magic sprinkled on top. It's truly a soul soother.
Chapter 5: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Chapter 5: I relate to this story in so many ways... i teared up a little. i love this, thank you!! 💜💜
juniortheboywhoreads #4
Chapter 1: I hadn’t logged in for ages but when I did I was so glad to see a notification about this story! Im a bit late but will still enjoy the rest! I really like the gradual relationship build-up so far. And I totally feel you when you say you’re at the age where the dads are more attractive because I’m right there with you haha
Oohmaknae_ #5
Chapter 5: Btw, in regards to winter, I despise the cold but I really love how magical it is especially at night. where it was quiet and the snow was just falling so slowly to entice you out of your own misery. I might hate the cold but cant deny how magical winter can be at times.
Oohmaknae_ #6
Chapter 5: I miss reading your stories so much! This story speaks so much volume to me as im currently in the stage of my life where im contemplating what am i gonna do if I still found none to share my life with if I reach my 30s-40s. Just yesterday i told my uncle, well love is not my priority, if i have someone thats good and if i dont still fine, but deep inside i know im gonna get lonely. This story made me want to fall inlove! But reality just keep hitting my face that's why im afraid.

Hays anyway, so grateful that you found time to squeeze this story out of your hectic life. I know how hard it can be so im really grateful. Congratulations for finishing up another masterpiece. XOXO authornim ^^
Chapter 5: Thank you for giving us such a mature story which tells us that it's never too late to experience the great things on life and that's it's never too late to find YOUR person. I despise winter with a passion but I certainly enjoyed reading this story. Thank you for coming back to us.
Chapter 5: I hate winter too. Doesn’t snow but it’s soo cold and days with less light are the worst. With that being said, I love how markjin always makes winter magical. Thank you autornim for this magical story <3
loud7forlife #9
Chapter 5: Everything about this is so magical (*˘︶˘*).。*♡ Thank you again authornim ( ◜‿◝ )♡
Chapter 4: That you actually play Scrabble is sooo cool!! Points for commitment. Going for Winter now.