When would it be the end?

Pre-sequel: I want to be yours
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Nana: I will see you tomorrow, Jahoon! Now get out! You have already worked hard enough, you need to go home and relax.

Jahoon: Alright Mom. I will see you tomorrow!

Nana: Yah!

I quickly ran out of the convenience store, my workplace, before Nana could throw something at me. It was normal for us to do this behaviour. You could say that it was kind of a love-hate relationship. I continued to walk in the direction of my home. The weather was pretty today. That is why I decided to take a long way home and just enjoy the weather when it is still like this. A lot of people were outside and kids were running around playing tag with each other. The smell of coffee was in the air as I walked by the local coffee shop. Everything was perfect for a while until I felt like someone was following me. I turned around to look but I couldn't see anyone suspicious. Maybe it was just me who was too tired. I continued to walk as normal but I still couldn't shake off the feeling of being followed. I turned around once again and just like the first time, I couldn't see anyone behind me. Even though I couldn’t see anybody suspicious around, I was sure that someone was following me around. I turned back around and continued to walk as normal. To catch the person in the act I had to act like I wasn’t aware of them. I continued to walk back home in the crowded area until I turned around the corner to a more secluded street. This would let me easily catch the stalker. I quickly turned around after a short while and saw Minhyuk with his gang behind me.

Jahoon: You know if you really like me like that you could just have told me so but I have to say that you aren’t my type.

Minhyuk: Ha! You wish! You were the one who sold me out to the principal, aren’t you?! Do you know how much trouble you have caused me?!

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow as I was confused about what he was talking about. I have never told anyone about what had happened except my family, Jiyeon unnie and Luda unnie. I have never been in contact with the principal or any senior staff of the school ever since I entered the school.

Jahoon: I don’t even know what you are talking

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