Pre-sequel: I want to be yours
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Jahoon: This should be doing the trick. You can't even see if there are bruises or not!

I observed myself in the mirror as I tried to look for bruises that I have yet to cover up. I needed to go to school or else Jiyeon unnie and Luda unnie will become suspicious of me and also the school will report to my parents if I went missing for more than a day, which sounds stupid… and also is but that is just how my school works. I walked out of my room and downstairs to see Hyejoo already sitting in the kitchen while eating some cereal. I walked over and grabbed a bowl for myself before sitting opposite her.

Jahoon: You are early up today. Usually, you will always be running late or you would be skipping the first lesson because sleep is more important.

Hyejoo: It is unnie. If you ask me, sleep is more important than history. I'm not going to use it in the future or do anything that would be needing it. I don't understand why we even have it at all and why it has to be placed early in the morning. I'm already tired enough of having to go to school and that boring subject would make me end up falling asleep!

Jahoon: It is always good to have a bit of knowledge of history. You never know whenever you are going to need it or maybe someday your life would depend on it.

Hyejoo: I don't think so unnie. That would be going to the extreme. You are excelling in school after all unnie, so it would be easy for you to say.

Jahoon: Just because I'm doing good doesn't mean that I can't dislike it too but scratch that, tell me why you are already awake and not sleeping in your bed, waiting for me to shake you awake? You got into trouble, didn't you?

Hyejoo: Unnie~! What do you think of me? Of course not. If I were to get into trouble, the school would have let mom and dad know already and also you. You would also already be pinching and nagging my ears away. I just fell asleep early yesterday, so that is why I woke up early today. Also unnie?

Jahoon: What?

Hyejoo: Did you forget your own birthday?

Jahoon: My birthday? Oh right… it is today…

Hyejoo: Are you fine unnie? Usually, you will be over the hills whenever it is your birthday. There is nothing you are hiding from me, right?

I looked down at my bowl as I gulped. What was I going to tell her? I can’t just tell her that her unnie is getting bullied in school because she is friends with her childhood friends. I looked up and smiled at her while shaking my head.

Jahoon: Nothing is wrong Hyejoo. I have just been a bit stressed lately because of a lot of school work. The teachers have been giving my class a bit too much homework because they think it would be a great exercise before our exams, which are near.

Hyejoo stares at me for a while with such a suspicious look on her face. It was like she didn't trust any of my words. I sat quietly and ate my cereal, glancing at Hyejoo from time to time. After a while, I finished eating and stood up to wash my bowl.

Jahoon: Come on, Hyejoo! Let's go before we become too late for school.

I grabbed my bag and got out of the house with Hyejoo, locking the door behind me. We got to the school and Hyejoo left for her room. As I walked over to my lockers to grab my books, my locker was suddenly closed in front of me and I was shoved into the locker beside.

Minhyuk: Seems like you still dared to come to the school even though of what I told you yesterday.

Jahoon: I don't see any correlation between your little problem and me going to school. Maybe you should take my interest in school instead of following me around.

I looked at him straight in the eyes with a blank face. I have to admit I don't even know where all the confidence came from. Anyone who was in my situation right now would be extremely scared for their life. His face twisted in an an

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