Pre-sequel: I want to be yours
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During the next few days, I had a lot of pain and fever due to the injuries I suffered from all of the bullyings. In the end, my parents got to know about it through Hyejoo as they had to bring me to the hospital because I was just too bad. Both Jiyeon unnie and Luda unnie had been trying to come and visit me but I didn't want to meet them after what they have done toward me and neither my parents nor siblings would allow them near me after they realized what had been happening all this time. I was sitting in my room when the door opened up to reveal my mom.

Mom: There is a little girl that wants to spend some time with you.

Mom smiled as I looked at her with a raised eyebrow as I was confused at what she meant. Then all of a sudden my little sister Choerry ran past Mom's legs and jumped up on my bed with a big wide smile on her face. Mom giggled and closed the door as I looked at Choerry and shook my head at her silliness.

Choerry: Is unnie still hurt? Unnie oo?

Choerry looked at me with a pout and worried. I giggled at her and shook my head as I pulled her into a snuggle and laid down on my bed. Choerry giggled at it and snuggled into me with her face planted right into my chest.

Jahoon: Don't worry baby~ Unnie is okay~ There is no need to worry~ Unnie is strong! See? Unnie can even give you an airplane!

I lifted Choerry up in the air and acted like she was an airplane, making her giggle a lot. I smiled externally but sighed internally. I had to keep a strong front for my close ones…for them not to worry.










A month passed by and I returned back to school despite my parents' efforts to convince me to change school since they didn't really want me to go through any of it once again. I completely understand what they were thinking but if I decided to change schools it would only send a sign to the people in this school that I had given up. I will never give up. I walked inside the school as every student got out of the way as soon as I was near. They probably didn't want anything to do with me. I didn't want anything to do with them either. I got to my class and sat down at my usual seat in the back by the window and just looked out of it. All of sudden someone slammed their hands on my desk, making me look to see Minhyuk smirking at me.

Minhyuk: And here I thought that you had decided to put your tail between your legs and run away. You decided to come back for more, didn't you?

I looked at him for a second before rolling my eyes and turning my head to look out of the window once again. Minhyuk grabbed my collar and made me turn my head to look at him.

Minhyuk: You are ignoring me?! You don't remember what happened when you last did it, don't you?

Minhyuk sneered in my face. I could hear the other students whispering but all of them kept their distance. T

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