Why didn't you tell us?

Pre-sequel: I want to be yours
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I woke up the next day in bed and couldn't get up at all due to the bruises I had gotten from Minhyuk and his friends. All of my muscles were sore and I didn't have much energy at all to do anything. All I really wanted to do was keep laying down and sleep in the hope that everything would go away. That I would go away. But I couldn't bring myself to do it because I was still worried about Hyejoo, my parents, Jiyeon unnie, and Luda unnie. I pushed myself to sit up in bed and leaned against the backboard of the bed. Just doing that required a lot of energy. I don't think I will make it through the day without anyone noticing that something is wrong.

Hyejoo: Jahoon unnie!!! It is time to- what the hell happened to you?

Jahoon: Huh?

I acted confused for a moment like I didn't know what she was talking about but then I remembered that I had just woken up and had yet to cover the bruises on my face. Hyejoo walked over to me and sat on my bed, carefully grabbing my face and turning it in different directions.

Hyejoo: Who did this to you?! Tell me unnie! I'm going to kill that person! How long has this been going on?! Some of the wounds look old! Unnie! Please say something!

I just continued looking at her and acted like I didn't know but the look on her face that became angrier by the minute made me tell her everything from the beginning to now. I could see her gritting her teeth when I explained what happened. She then suddenly stood up.

Hyejoo: I'm going to kill that guy and his friends! How dare he hurt my sister like this?!

I grabbed her hand before she could go anywhere. She turned to look at me confused but anger was still evident on her face.

Jahoon: Please don't do that. You will only get yourself in trouble and I don't want that. It would only leave bad consequences such as you getting kicked out of school and we both know that neither do I, mom or dad want that to happen.

Hyejoo looked at me for a moment before puffing up her cheeks and sat back down on my bed.

Hyejoo: Fine~ only because it is you but we have to fix this somehow. By the way, do Jiyeon unnie and Luda unnie know about this?

I looked at her with a sly smile. She sighed and ran a hand across her face. She then placed her hands on my shoulders and looked at me with a strict look on her face.

Hyejoo: You can't just keep it from them. They have to know what is happening to you. They are the cause of it after all.

Jahoon: I know I know but… I just can't tell them… especially that they are the cause. I'm just not…

Hyejoo: Not good at confrontation and opening up to let people know more about your private life, even your family? Yeah~ But again you have to tell them. They will find out sooner or later and I think it would be best if they heard it from you. I would if I were them.

Jahoon: I know but for now you are the only one to know. I will tell them when the time is right. Now let's get up and get ready so we don't become too late for school.

I rushed her up from my bed and out of my room. She huffed and just did as I told her, leaving for her room. I closed the door behind me and leaned against it with a heavy sigh. For once Hyejoo was right with something. I have to tell them before anyone else does. I know how upset they are going to be if I don't, like the last time it happened. It was just something minor but a kid pushed me off the swing when we were all quite young because he wanted to play with it himself. I didn't tell them about it and they were quite upset that they didn't want to talk to me for about a month or so. Probably thinking that I won't have anything to do with them, which in fact wasn't true. I got up from the bed and prepared myself for the day. I got to tell the girls about it somehow…. But I don't know how.












Luckily when I got to school, no one jumped on me as soon as I entered. I was cautious though because you never know with Minhyuk and his friends. They could be lurking anywhere in this school, just waiting to jump on yo

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