The first meeting

Pre-sequel: I want to be yours
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Mom & dad: Happy birthday to you~! Happy birthday to you~! Happy birthday dear Jahoonnie~! Happy birthday to you~!

Mom: Good morning our sweet little baby~ Happy birthday~

Jahoon: Mommy! Daddy!

I woke up to my mom and my dad walking into my room with a birthday cake and singing for me. It was my 3rd birthday. As a kid who doesn’t know anything better, I just threw away my blanket and jumped on both of my feet in the bed before wrapping my arms around my mom’s neck. Mom giggled at me and wrapped her arms around my body, pulling me tighter to her. Dad had placed the cake on a  table nearby and wrapped his arm around mom and me.

Dad: How is my now big baby girl doing? Are you ready for your birthday?

Jahoon: Yes! I’m going to have the best birthday ever!

Mom and dad looked at each other with a big smile and chuckled at small me.

Mom: Then let’s hurry up and get you in a bath so that we can celebrate. We also have some friends coming over for your birthday.

Jahoon: No~ Jahoonie don’t want to take a bath~

Mom picked me up and took me to the bathroom, meanwhile, dad took the cake into the dining room, where he and mom had prepared for the guests. After mom finished bathing me, she let me play in my room while she helped dad finish.











Mom: Hoonie~! My dear~! Come down please~! The guests are here~!

I placed my toys neatly away and grabbed Mr. Bear, which was my favorite teddy bear. A teddy bear that I had gotten since I was born and have been sleeping with ever since. Where ever I am Mr. Bear is there also. I walked down the stairs slowly as I still wasn’t that tall yet to walk down comfortably. When I finally got down, I looked up to see mom looking at me with a smile.

Mom: Come here, baby. I want you to meet someone.

I walked ov

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