the one with the escape plan

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Currently, it was 9:38 pm at night and Wonyoung had told her friends that they can meet up for a small night out with her bodyguard. Right now, she was waiting outside the trailer where she had previously gotten her makeup done. Yujin had told her to wait there for her by 9:30 and 8 minutes had already surpassed since then. Time was really important for Wonyoung, she learnt how precious time management is while trying to catch tiny bits of sleep during her busy schedule when she was young. She should've really just slept according to her bedtime set by her old manager.

So it's only obvious that Wonyoung would get mad at the slightest inconveniences regarding a scheduled time. Weirdly enough, she didn't get irritated at Yujin being late. Rather she got worried if Nayeon saw through Yujin and was currently getting scolded by her. Although the sight was cute because Yujin looked like a kicked puppy with her imaginary tail dragging on the ground sadly, she didn't want Yujin to get scolded because of her.

Wonyoung thinks Yujin is very kind, she doesn't have to do all this for her, but she does anyways. She can just accompany her when walking through huge crowds of people and that would be it for her job, but no, she grabs Wonyoung coffee every morning because she knows how irritated the younger gets without her dose of caffeine at 7 AM in the morning. She doesn't have to lend Wonyoung her jacket when she is waiting for the staff to prepare the next set during shooting while wearing thin dresses in the cold, but she does anyway. All these actions somehow manage to fill the younger girl's chest with warmth. It's like a flower blooming on her chest.

Wonyoung likes it. She likes the way Yujin makes her feel. She likes Yu-

"I'm here! I'm here- I.. I got stuck trying to come up with excuses, you know how Nayeon is," The sudden voice broke Wonyoung's train of thoughts. She turns around to watch Yujin rest her hand against the side of the trailer, panting, indicating that she had ran all the way to not make Wonyoung wait any longer. The younger girl giggled at the sight, Yujin was so cute.

The plan was that Yujin would come up with an excuse to go outside the shooting spot for some time and tell Nayeon that Wonyoung is sleeping inside the trailer (because Nayeon would never let Wonyoung go out; if she needed something, then Yujin could go get it. Yujin thought about it before, and Wonyoung thinks the older girl is really smart.) "What did you tell her?" She asked as she took in Yujin's whole attire, She was wearing a brown sweatshirt that revealed her shoulder caps and black jeans. Wonyoung thinks Yujin is very pretty.

"I told her my younger brother is in the hospital after getting in a fight with some of his classmates."

"Buuut you don't have a younger brother," Wonyoung said matter-of-factly as she eyed the girl suspiciously.

"Tell me something I don't know," Yujin said and jokingly rolled her eyes before continuing. "Then Nayeon started to question me on how she never knew I had a brother or if she should go with me or if it was an emergency- whatever! I just said it in the spur of the moment but that doesn't matter because we have to get back here before the clock strikes twelve." Wonyoung nodded as she took a look at her phone's clock again, 9:40.

"Let's go, Cinderella." Yujin joked as she held out her left hand for Wonyoung. "Oh my, I must return before the clock strikes twelve, shouldn't I? We must hurry, fairy godmother." The younger girl joked but Yujin frowned. "Am I just a magic hag to you?"

Wonyoung giggled, frowning Yujin was just pouting Yujin with cutely furrowed eyebrows, and that Yujin was very cute. "Noooo," She said as she hugged Yujin from the side who now sulkily turned her back to Wonyoung. "You're my prince in another life!" The girl said, she missed the way Yujin's lips twitched and the small glint of hurt in her eyes. "I'll rather be just Yujin." she replied. Yujin hoped that Wonyoung couldn't detect the bitterness in her voice. To her favor, the younger girl just chuckled as she rested her head on Yujin's shoulder, slightly uncomfortable as they were too tall.

"Our heights really don't match." Yujin had once told her.

"In this life, you are Yujin to me. Just my Yujin," the girl in question hoped that her heart wouldn't just jump out of her chest and just yell at Wonyoung for making it run so much. "Come on now," The older girl tried to change the topic as she removed herself from Wonyoung's grasp. The younger girl pouted at the lack of warmth against her body. "We need to get out of here already," She said as she grabbed the black haired girl's wrist and lead her away out the gate.

"Yujin! did you go yet? I decided I would go with you just in case!" The familiar voice made the two young girl's heart drop. Wonyoung turned around to see Nayeon yelling and looking for Yujin until her eyes fell on Wonyoung and her hand that was being held by Yujin. "HEY!" The two jumped when Nayeon's voice rose an octave higher, the woman figured out their getaway plan already. "Where are you guys going!"

Yujin sighed, they would get scolded regardless whether they go or not. So instead of getting scolded, why not just go out, have fun and then come back to get scolded? If they wanted that, they would have to run, fast.

"I pray for your feet, Wonyoung." The girl in question just looked at her in a confused manner before she felt her wrist being tightly pulled by Yujin, who was now running to get out the gate towards Yujin's car (which was lent to her by ENOZI Ent.) The black hair girl groaned, she hated running, but she didn't hate it that much when Yujin looked back at her while running, her hair flying and her dimples in full display, looking like an angel as she asked, "Isn't breaking rules fun?"

Wonyoung didn't really like breaking rules, but she enjoyed breaking them if Yujin was beside her, having fun.

After running away, the two girls made it at the chosen place at roughly 10 PM. They put their phones on silent to prevent Nayeon's calls to disturb their night out. Wonyoung smiled as she stood in front of the building, a convenience store. Yujin found it weird at first how Wonyoung liked something as common and simple as a convenience store, something people visit regularly. But she soon realized that it was just a celebrities thing after she found the same weird liking towards convenience stores in Jiwon and Rei. Not like they have many chances to visit public places anyways, they're not regular people.

From the building's glass windows, Wonyoung could see Jiwon hugging Rei from behind, her chin resting on top of the latter's head. The girl smiled at her two friends' cuteness.

Rei, a Japanese girl who debuted as a rapper in Korea and Jiwon- who went by the stage name Liz, a Korean soloist under another entertainment. The media tried to make Wonyoung and Jiwon appear as rivals at first considering that both were the same age and debu

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