the one with wonyoung's mental breakdown

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May 6th, 2025

Wonyoung from ENOZI:

ahnnn yujinnnnn
im gonna jump off a cliff

The last text from Wonyoung was Yujin's last straw. Immediately dialing up the younger girl's number, she put the phone near her ear with the help of her shoulder. "Yujinnnn.." Wonyoung slurred. "What is it?" Yujin asked as she sat back down on her dinner table, continuing to eat her dinner. "There's an emergency!!" The younger girl's voice suddenly rose, not something surprising to Yujin though, she was used to Wonyoung's mood swings.

"I think you're bipolar." Yujin said, two weeks after the two had first met. "Really?" Wonyoung mindlessly said as she continued doodling on the lyric sheet of her new single.


"Thank you, I guess."

"What happened? What emergency?" Yujin asked, the slight possibility of Wonyoung not playing around and having an actual emergency concerned her. "Well, I.. I'm listening to Taylor Swift and dancing in my balcony at 11pm.. that's how serious it is." She chuckled meanwhile Yujin felt drying up. Wonyoung listening to Taylor Swift and dancing in her lonely balcony was just a large signboard saying that it was an emergency, not exactly one where Wonyoung's life is in danger but rather the one where her mental stability is in danger. Mental breakdown Wonyoung wasn't good for either her work or Yujin. "Did.. he cheat on you?"

Wonyoung chuckled. "No no- We broke up. I broke up with him of course."

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows. "Then why are you on the verge of tears, then?" She asked as she stuffed her sandwich into . "It's because- he was- he was just so perfect. He was everything you would look for in guy-"

The older girl cut the younger saying, "I'm a lesbian."

"Yeah yeah, I meant he was everything a straight girl slash biual person would look for in a guy.. and he was just so perfect." And when Wonyoung didn't continue, Yujin became even more confused. "So, you're gonna cry because he was really perfect which is also the reason you broke up with him?" She said as she washed her hands in the kitchen sink, her phone still between her ear and shoulder. "Yes, Yujin. He was so perfect and no matter how much I tried to convince myself, I.. I couldn't see myself wanting that."

Yujin nodded as if Wonyoung could see her, she tried to take all the information in. The younger girl continued after the older didn't respond, "It's funny, isn't it? All my attempts at love.. all failing because of me! Some people are just destined to not have someone.. I'm one of them. Oh my god, I just found the concept of my new album eek!" Yujin just chuckled at Wonyoung's sudden change in mood as she heard shuffling from the other side. Probably Wonyoung trying to write down all the ideas she got after her conversation with Yujin for her new album. Most likely a heartbroken girl concept, Yujin thinks. "You know, Yujin.." Wonyoung said after a few minutes.


"Maybe If I found a guy like you, I wouldn't have been so lonely today." Yujin felt dry up again, she had doubts that Wonyoung was drunk when she first called her because of her slow and slurred speech but now she's confirmed the younger is drunk because only drunk Wonyoung says things like that to Yujin. Drunk Wonyoung wasn't good for Yujin's health, especially when she was trying to subside some unnatural feelings for the younger- straight girl.

Yujin also knows that Wonyoung can't remember the things she had said or done after she wakes up with a hangover. Trust me, she has been in this spot before (not that she's that used to it.)

"Real cute but I wish you were sober." The drunk girl only giggled at Yujin's reference to that one Conan Gray song. "Go to sleep, Wonyoung. I'll be there for you-"

"-Forever?" Wonyoung cut her off before Yujin could continue her sentence. "I was gonna say I'll be there for you tomorrow for your schedule but that works too, i guess. As long as you pay me! I have bills to pay." Wonyoung giggled before a small silence took over them again. "Thank you, Yujin." The mentioned girl didn't say anything, just whispered a small "You have work tomorrow," which is codeword for Good Night before cutting the call.

The next day, Wonyoung was in her grumpy mode due to the massive headache she was having while the van was driving her, her manager and Yujin to the next photoshoot for the new brand Wonyoung became an ambassador for. Yujin didn't say anything about last night, she never does. Although she can figure out t

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