the one with the confession

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Yujin felt like she just got pulled out of a dream. Literally, what did Wonyoung just say?

"W-wait what?" The older girl's expression quickly went from shock to suspicion. "Now, why are you joking about things like that? not funny!" She said as she tried to playfully hit Wonyoung's arm but the girl quickly caught Yujin's arm before it could land a hit and looked at Yujin with a serious face. "I'm not joking, Yujin." The mentioned girl felt something churning in her stomach, a fluttery slightly uncomfortable feeling she would get everytime Wonyoung was too close to her. "I have been in love with you for.. I don't how long. All I know is that I've loved you for a long time, I'm telling you this now because I had a hard time coming to terms with my feelings. I.. I was in denial while still pining over you. Then I spent some time pining while knowing I like girls but didn't tell you because I didn't want to ruin our friendship and I didn't wanted to make you uncomfortable and these past few weeks- I- I was over edge because I worried about you and missed you at the same time. So I told you to come over today and.. You just looked so happy and warm and carefree, I had this slight feeling in my chest that maybe you wouldn't hate if I told you- and even if you did, I don't think I could've gone on my day without telling you because it was killing me inside, Yujin. It was- it was hurting,"

Wonyoung's didn't realize when her gaze started to drift away but when she finished her confession, she found her eyes on Yujin shoulders, looking down rather looking at her face. She pulled her gaze up to find Yujin standing there with a blank expression. Delicate was still playing, and the lyrics that played during that moment of silence spoke out Wonyoung's inner thoughts.

"Is it cool that I said all that? Is it too soon to do this yet?"

"I.." that one word that left Yujin's mouth instantly made Wonyoung's ear perk up. She was desperate for response at that time, anything, Yujin could say anything and she would accept it.

"I've been in love with you since April of the year we met, April 2022." Wonyoung's jaw dropped. "That day when you, uh- when you noticed that I was sick when I came to work unlike everyone else. Then you took care of me, you stayed by my side even when you were tired from all the shooting and it was break time.. that's not all, though. I- I always found you pretty, but that day you just looked extra pretty. I watched you that day, after you told me to stay put in the room until you come back from shooting again, you told me to wait but I didn't and instead went outside to watch you act and you- the way you do your job, you have so much passion for things and you never do anything half-heartedly, unlike me. I realized I learnt a lot from you and slowly but surely, I realized I was in love with you."

"I love you, Wonyoung. More than you think, in the way you love me too." Yujin said and she couldn't stop the smile that tugged the corner of her lips. Yujin always had a contagious smile, so Wonyoung couldn't help smiling back and it was like they were two magnets, the way they were getting pulled towards each other closer and closer.

Now, their noses were touching, Yujin's eyes on Wonyoung's lips and vice versa. "I love you," Yujin said and Wonyoung giggled. "I love you more." and then, their lips were connected.

A lot happened over the course of their first month of dating but currently at the moment, Wonyoung was mad, very mad. Specifically, she was mad at Yujin, very mad.

Why? Because Wonyoung had asked Yujin to sit beside her in the van that she, Yujin and Nayeon rode but the older girl rejected the offer whispering that, "Nayeon would get suspicious," Now, Wonyoung was sitting at the window side of the two seater on the left in the back row while Yujin sat at the two seater on the right in the back row. Wonyoung had her back pressed against the window, directly glaring at the older girl's side profile since she was facing forward. Yujin felt those glares from the corner of her eye and let out a chuckle before pressing her back on the window of her seat, facing Wonyoung.

"You think it's funny?" Wonyoung mouthed.

"No," Yujin mouthed and shook her head with a fond smile on her lips before she continued, "I think it's pretty cute,"

Wonyoung's act of being mad at Yujin quickly broke as she felt her cheeks getting hot and ears becoming red as she tore her gaze away from the older girl, muttering some "You're so stupid." under her breath as she laid her head on the back of the two seater that was in front of her. "Did you just call me stupid?" Oops, Yujin silently laughed. Looks like Wonyoung forgot that Nayeon was sitting in the two seater in front of her doing some schedule related work. "What! why would I do that!" Wonyoung's voice cracked in the middle as she became more embarrassed second by second.

"I- I don't k

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