the one with the epilogue

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January 27th, 2027

"Hmm, I don't know Wonyoung. I don't think this is a good choice," Yujin spoke as her gaze wandered.

"I know- but that's exactly why I'm gonna do it." Wonyoung replied, a smile unconsciously tugging on her lips as she grabbed 4-5 tubs of mint chocolate ice cream and cookies and cream flavored ice cream each, and shoved them down the shopping cart. "Alright, looks like we're done here!" Wonyoung said and squealed as she hopped her way to the cashier out of excitement leaving Yujin to push the cart on her own. She was really just a bunny under human clothing. Yujin sighed, as she pushed the cart and made her way to the cashier.

"Ice cream, again? Maybe I should tell the owner to stop having ice cream in the store." Soobin said with a snicker, the monotony in his voice still remained though.

"And why would you do that?" Wonyoung furrowed her eyebrows as the boy scanned the items through the machine. "So I don't see you two lovebirds with my precious eyes again.. don't you guys know you both are an eyesore to single people?" Yujin chuckled in response and before Wonyoung could retort back with a counterargument, Soobin opened his palm and said, "That would be 12$ but since I'm so nice, I'll make it ten."

"Don't be like that now, I can tell the machine says 10$ from here." Yujin laughed and Wonyoung rolled her eyes as she paid. "See you around, Bin." Yujin greeted and Soobin replied with a nod, not before Wonyoung smacked the back of his head and said, "Toodles~" as she walked out the store. See, the two had formed an interesting friendship with the cashier over the past two years, Yujin was friends with him and Wonyoung treated him like an enemy. Soobin played along to humor the younger girl he considered his younger sister.

"Wonyo, you don't think Nayeon would be mad if you have ice cream this late at night.. when you have a schedule tomorrow at dawn?" Yujin asked out of concern as she watches Wonyoung open the tub of mint chocolate ice cream, the two sitting under the night sky at Wonyou

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