So now you're my boyfriend again?

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The post-award show adrenaline buzz was slowly fading, replaced by a tense silence in Bigbang's dressing room. Jiyong, usually a ball of mischievous energy, was fuming, scrolling relentlessly through his phone.

Seunghyun, perched on the couch, watched him with a mix of amusement and concern. This whole award show night had been a whirlwind of Jiyong shooting him jealous glances whenever a pretty idol interacted with him. Finally, the dam broke.

"Let me see if I understand this correctly"

Seunghyun began cautiously, his voice laced with a hint of amusement. Jiyong slammed his phone down, finally meeting Seunghyun's gaze.

"Let's see if you do"

He challenged his voice tight. Seunghyun raised an eyebrow playfully.

"So, because you and I date, I can't talk to other girls?"

Jiyong scoffed.

"You can talk to Chaerin and other... unattractive girls."

He mumbled the last part under his breath. Seunghyun burst out laughing, the tension momentarily broken.

"What? Are you serious?"

He said, shaking his head. Jiyong crossed his arms, a pout forming on his lips.

"Yeah, I am. Don't you see? Your phone is practically a blinking invitation to every idol out there."

He grumbled.

"Girls are always throwing themselves at you. They message you all the time."

Seunghyun rolled his eyes.

"Stop being so dramatic."

He said and just then, a notification pinged on Seunghyun's phone, the familiar chime echoing in the tense silence. Jiyong's eyes narrowed.

"Am I?"

Jiyong gritted out, his teeth grinding together. Seunghyun glanced at the message, then back at Jiyong, a new message sat there, the sender's name making him groan internally. But before he could respond, Jiyong snatched the phone from his hand.

"What the ?"

Jiyong exclaimed, his eyes scanning the message. His jaw clenched as a blush crept up his neck.

"See? This is exactly what I'm talking about!"

Seunghyun chuckled, reaching out to take his phone back.

"Jiyong, it's just Dara noona."

"Just Dara?!"

Jiyong squeaked, his voice reaching an octave higher than usual.

"The Dara who was rumored to be dating me for who knows how long?!"

Jiyong exclaimed, his voice laced with hurt. Seunghyun's chuckle died down, replaced by a look of genuine surprise.

"Wait, really? I never knew that."

"So now what?"

Jiyong cut him off.

"You wanna break up?"

Jiyong's voice trembled slightly. Seunghyun's eyes widened.

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Chapter 15: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Chapter 4: Dam gd he's fany I really wish if was long
Mamati #3
Chapter 1: I enjoy so much it's like I'm in gdtop convtion but whys it's to short
krispattz #4
Chapter 5: JL always spoiling the mood 😤
krispattz #5
Chapter 4: yes Ji. JL is not good for hung 😜
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Chapter 3: 💙 Ahhhhh!
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Chapter 2: Those two 🤣
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Chapter 1: So sweet 🥺