jealousy is a disease.

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Wonyoung has always loved Yujin. Ever since they met.

So, when Yujin starts to create a relationship and a life with Kim Gaeul, jealousy starts to eat her up. That should be her.


Hello everybody! Welcome to my first IVE fanfiction! Before you begin, there are a few things I'd like to mention:

1. This story will be taking place in an AU where the girls are not idols + they will be aged up a few years. In this story, Gaeul is 24, Yujin is 23, and so on! Also in this AU, men do not exist so it's an all girl's world, haha.

2. Do not take this story seriously! I do not ship idols seriously and this is just for fun! Nor is this to paint any member in a negative light. I got the idea randomly and thought it would make a good story, so here it is! :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story!! Feel free to subscribe and please comment your thoughts! I would love any feedback I can get! :)

I have a samequel/sequel planned… keep your eyes out for it 👀


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eunhabyul #1
Chapter 11: this was a rollercoaster of emotions lol im glad it was a happy ending but realistically i would've kay em essed myself if i were in wonnie's shoes and ended up finding out she did indeed like her too at some point lol shsjsjd
cool_tomato10 #2
Chapter 11: Can you write a LizRei sequel with this? I sure got curious about those two.
qwertyuiop1216 #3
Chapter 11: I need wonyoung's wedding too
reigngrey #4
Chapter 11: Thanks for a happy ending i forgot about yuna. Did not expect her to be the one. 😊
nakrin75 #5
Chapter 10: wonnako ending please
reigngrey #6
Chapter 10: Thats good wonny. You will find the one. Cant wait for the epilogue. Hoping for at least a happy ending for wonyoung. I wonder who will it be minju? Chaewon? Nako?
Chapter 10: okay here come rich aunty wonyoung
JoshuaSiobal #8
Chapter 10: Ooooh, I feel like this is going to turn into a family instead of romantic theme <3
Chapter 9: wonny 😔
bluejin #10
Chapter 5: just whyy