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“Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.”



Byun Baekhyun is, in the very strictest sense of the word, a jackass. He’s a high-strung investment banker who settles all his relationships with contracts – cohabitation agreements, restraining orders, asset divisions. He doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t want to – he likes things that way.

Except his lawyer of six months – jaded ex-divorce lawyer Jung Jinhee, who would’ve sworn off the entire profession if it weren’t for her monthly rent and Baekhyun’s attractive monetary proposition. As she helps him to place barriers around himself, she unwittingly begins to break down the walls of his heart, and soon they realizes that no rule or clause can stop them from falling in love.


main characters


Byun Baekhyun. 33. Investment banker at Shinhwa Bank.


Jung Jinhee (OC). 29. Lawyer. Ex-divorce lawyer at Hwanggeum Legal.


supporting characters


Oh Sehun. 30. Divorce lawyer at Hwanggeum Legal.


Jung Jaehyun. 27. Junior chef at Bistro Bambi.


Kang Seulgi. 29. Divorce lawyer at Hwanggeum Legal.


Jung Soojung. 30. Freelance fashion designer.


Kim Jongin. 30. Investment banker at Shinhwa Bank.






terms of attachment
Pairings: Byun Baekhyun X OC
Characters: Baekhyun X OC
Genre/AU: Legal!AU, Romance, Comedy, Angst
Warnings : PG
Author's note:
Hi guys! So I know I have tons of stories to write but I've been meaning to dedicate a story to Aru, so this is my story for Aru hehe. It's supposed to be kind of romcom, kind of slice-of-life, kind of angsty - a mixture of many genres really. After "devil", I wanted to have stronger, more convicted leads, and over here we have both Baekhyun and Jinhee as much stronger characters with reasons why they're doing what they're doing - they also hate each other's guts, but not really. I mean, he has to trust his lawyer at least, right? Get ready for a fun ride of romance, laughter, angst, and just the flawed human condition of trying to control everything when you really can't. Hi Aru I really really hope you enjoy this - I'm giving you some spicy enemies-to-lovers, a great triangle (sebaek/jinhee hehe) and some of my favorite side characters to ever exist hurhur. Really hope you enjoy it hehe <333
- C
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Chapter 2: I love the banter between jinhee and baekhyun, and the way you've created both their characters ✨ really miss this fic, hope you're doing well and come back to update soon 😊
Chapter 2: Baekhyun seriously acts like an asshat. Wondering how Jinhee handles his personality. I like how Jinhee holds herself. This plot seems to have a lot of depth than what seems on the surface. I enjoyed reading 😊
uwuwol #3
i'm really looking forward a new chapter !! it's so good already :>
Nevertheles #4
Chapter 2: I'm already hooked 🤩 i like jinhee personality !! And the plot seems to be deeper than you would think in the prologue
Chapter 2: I do like how the characters have a very defined code though, it seems all of them know what's up.
And I'm sure they won't know as we proceed
Chapter 2: I'm losing my mind here. It's only first chap and he's trying to get frisky with her already dafuq lmao
2474 streak #7
Chapter 2: Oof, that first sentence immediately hit me and Jinhee is much stronger than I am for actually deciding to bear this for two years. :') I was ready to dip before the first month was even up, LOOOOL. But omg, I feel so bad for Taeyeon, knowing that she fell for someone who never truly loved her, and Jinhee, for basically doing this SO many times that she's become numb to the entire process. OTL But at the same time, WOW, Jinhee has got this all on lock and the way she immediately turned the emotional tides in her favor was AMAZING, and I wish I had even a fraction of the charisma and confidence that she exudes the entire time. *o* She's already my favorite character and we're only one scene in. XD

But ewww, Jongin is such a sleazeball and I'm totally with Jinhee on committing mass murder if all of his colleagues are just as sleazy as him. >___> But again, LOVE how Jinhee fires back at him and her witty sassiness just propelled her even higher on the favorite character list, even though she's already first by a wide margin. :') And the banter between Jinhee and Baekhyun is so fun to read!! She's so good at keeping him at bay, even when he's trying to get under her skin, LOOOOL. And omg, why am I not surprised that the women Baekhyun involves himself with BRING the drama with them?? XD I would be EXHAUSTED if I were Jinhee, LOLOLOL, so huge props to her for handling everything with so much grace and finding all of the loopholes whenever she can. :') The things we do for money, hehe ^^;

But again, my heart does go out to Jinhee, knowing that she feels like a slave to money, because that feeling and no one should feel chained by green paper. OTL But ooh, I wonder what happened between her and Sehun?? :O Probably her ex-boyfriend?? I don't see Jinhee having a string of ex-lovers like Baekhyun does and I'm guessing it was a pretty serious relationship, if that's the case?? So I'm VERY curious to find out what their history is. Especially since there's the implication that she might've resigned from her previous job because of Sehun?? I just checked the foreword again and it looks like they worked at the same law firm together, so that just provides another layer of complications since workplace romances are a minefield of their own. ^^;

And like Jinhee, I'm just very intrigued as to WHY Baekhyun treats relationships the way he does. :O Was there someone who broke his heart THAT badly that he feels the need to retaliate by stringing all of these other women along whenever he feels like it?? Is it deeper with family issues?? Or does he really just abhor the thought of commitment that he CAN'T bring himself to be in a stable, monogamous relationship?? So many questions, so many possibilities!! Anyway, SUPER excited for what's to come and I can't wait to see how their stories unravel!! <3
Chapter 2: I like Jinhee's personality.❤