Oh, Vicky! - Annyeongz one shot collection


A collection of Annyeongz one-shots, set in High School and based on some of my favorite songs. Probably going to be like 99% fluff and maybe 1% angst. Also, Yujin's probably going to be a jock of some sort in every story. 


Yujin in a varsity jacket really had my imagination going WILD! Also, this idea was based on me being obsessed with Hey Mickey (but the glee version for some reason) and imagining some random special stage of IVE, Itzy, Weeekly and StayC featuring Ningning from AESPA where the special stage is just them putting on Romeo and Juliet the play. Like, literally it was just a random thought I had while listening to it. 

Also! This is my first time writing in first person because I don't particularly enjoy reading first person. Just a preference thing, I guess. But, I actually had a really fun time writing this! Will definitely think about writing in first person some more later. 

Um,,, btw,,, what's rei and liz's ship name.


Hope you all enjoy!!



1. Oh Vicky (you're so fine, where art thou?) --> Hey Mickey by Toni Basil (actually though I listened to the Glee version while writing it lol)  

2. say something', Yujin don't be so shy! --> Say Somethin' by Austin Mahone and Clumsy by Fergie 

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