Tangled Outside the Charm of the Panicked Babies


Just Wonyoung hanging out with her girlfriend Yujin. But she's not hanging out with her ACTUAL girlfriend but another version of her girlfriend from another world. Actually, it's more like FOUR different Wonyoung's hanging out with FOUR different Yujins. 


This was a highly indulgent thing from me that I wanted to write for Anneyongz' birthdays! Gingerworkz and I were randomly thinking about what would happen if the Wonyoungs from Tangled Up in Me (TUIM), Color Outside the Lines, Three Times the Charm and Love, Dating and the Panicked Babies (CFG) swapped around and had to hang out with a different Yujin from a different world. 

I'll be posting each pairing one by one! I'm currently writing the last one. 

Here are the orders of pairings: 

1.  TUIM Yujin and CFG Wonyoung (When a sensitive baby overthinks and a good listener gives her a free therapy session) 

2. TUIM Wonyoung (Vicky Jang) and COTL Yujin (When someone who likes doing things for other people tries to do something nice for someone who doesn't like being taken care of) 

3. COTL Wonyoung and 3JIN AU Yujin (When the chill skater girl rebel meets a flirty himbo) 

4. 3JIN AU Wonyoung and CFG Yujin (When a grumpy and impatient cheerleader has to babysit a hyperactive puppy) 


Like I said, this is just a really highly indulgent character study that I wanted to do instead of writing my essay. Hope you enjoy! 

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