One More Adventure
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One thing that really stand out as royalty was probably maids and butlers that run behind you making sure everything about you is perfectly looked after. They are the ones that ensure that your life smelled like roses and sunshine while ribbons fluttered behind you.

So, that afternoon after her mom stormed off, she had returned with two maids in tow looking mad.

The two girls there looked petrified, most probably got some scolding from her… or more.

According to their forced introduction, they were called Mina and Sana with faces prettier than any average person, and they used to work as launder maids.

“I’ve kicked out that nasty so they will look after you,” Her mom says but with her gaze pointed towards the two girls who flinches a tiny bit. “If and if anything happens, you report to me at once and I will take care of them.”

It was a threat, clear as day so that these maids do nothing but take care of her.

Kaji barely has time to say or do anything when her mother sashays away without waiting for her reaction closing the door with a slam.

It is awkward as the three girls try not to look at each other for lack of words. What on earth does Kaji even start conversing with them? How should she address them? Was she supposed to order them around from now… or?

But then before any word could come out of , the door flings open and her mother comes striding in while the two girls shrink even further.

“I nearly forgot,” She begin without a pause, “You are to move to the new room tomorrow. I already have the best interior designer getting your room ready. Ready yourself.”

And then with a swish, she’s out the door.

“Well…” She clicked her tongue. “That was dramatic.”

Mina did not react but Sana pursed her lips as if stopping herself from smiling. Nice.

“Hi…” Kaji began. If there was something she had learned from all the memories, Maids were key to the world outside and inside. They were the best links and if you have the maid’s trust, you have the key. She must have all the trust… at least from these two.

“Mina and Sana right? I hope we get along.”

The two girls whose shoulders had sagged a little with relief when her mother went out sprung up like springs at her greeting.

Geez. They should learn to relax… or maybe not when they had obviously been scolded or better put, threatened, that much by her mom.

Well… to be them.

It is awkward inside the room and no matter what she did, they were plenty stoic. Kaji did not really take two and two together to know that perhaps her amazing ex-maid had gossiped about her with them previously.

Sana looked a tad bit comfortable as some time went on and they go about the room cleaning things and just… standing there.

But Mina was still as stiff as an iron rod.

“Can you please help me to the bathroom?” She asked feeling extremely gloomy that her body was that weak to need help even to go to the bathroom.

The two girls rushed to her sides and helped her. “I’m sorry you have to do this.”

The apology automatically escaped her lips as she was certainly not used to this kind of help before. If she did, she would obviously be apologizing to them so it naturally came to her to apologize for being such a nuisance.

But apparently, it wasn’t normal for these two girls because they straight up stopped and gaped at her.

It takes some seconds of gaping before they resumed their work but with much urgency as though she had just declared that she was going to behead them.

She sighed a little at that, feeling even more awkward than before not really knowing how to go forward with the conversation. She needed to gain their trust but knowing that they did not trust her, not in the slightest, she needed to take the smallest steps possible and that was to simply show them that she wasn’t what they’ve heard about.

They wordlessly help her with her needs and she had to stop them from helping too much and came back to her bed feeling a tad bit lighter than before.

Truth be told after waking up yesterday, her body was simply hellish. From the strand of her long ebony hair to the tips of her toes, everything screamed with pain.

But hours passed and the pain began subsiding, at least to the point that sleeping on her back does not hurt as much anymore.

By goodness grace, she woke up today and her skin did not feel as hurtful anymore as well, her muscles still in pain but not screaming anymore. She could gladly raise her arms and her legs if she tried hard.

To make sure that her body does not regress, she had refrained from overworking it by trying to stand or sit for too long. Instead, she did mini exercises on her bed hoping that her body, feeling lighter by the minute, continues with the improvement.

Her doctor came in later in the evening when she’s had her meal and was closely followed by an indifferent-looking Kyungsoo.

Normal Kaji would have never guessed it but this Kaji knew well and good that Kyungsoo, the man with dark eyebrows who is always in a frown had a soft spot for his sister and had an awkward way of showing it.

“It is a miracle!” The doctor declared after checking up her pulse and eyes and checking her breathing pattern. “I have never seen such miraculous recovery.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes brightened at that and he lifted his chin up almost smugly. Kaji wanted to laugh at how his expression says he expected that of his sister and was actually proud.

The entire time there he only stood by the side and said absolutely nothing. Kaji sort of got why the previous Kaji was a tad bit scared of him.

His expression was not at all friendly and judging by how the doctor was addressing him and how her maids were reacting to him, it applied to everyone and even more for them than for her.

“Brother,” She addressed him knowing that she actually had him in the palm of her hands. “Will you be leaving soon?”

This was sort of a trick question, to test the water to make sure that he was putty in her hands. With a tiny bit of a pout and puppy eyes towards him, she continues. “Will you be leaving me again?”

Kaji internally screams as his eyes twitched and he looked away looking mortified, his eyes as wide as an owl’. She definitely got him.

He struggles to answer her as he turns to her then away and then back to her as though making up his mind.

“As long as you need me, I’ll be here.”

If you had looked intently at Kaji’s face, you would not have missed out on the tiny smirk on her face but if you did not, you will only get to see the graceful smile that blossomed out on her face.

“Thank you, brother.” She sighed, putting a hand on her heart, “Your presence really comforts me… It has even made me recover faster.”

He clearly blushes then but his face remained neutral and he looked incredibly young as he looked away with a nod trying to be as nonchalant as possible when Kaji knew well and good that all he wanted to do was smile.

Damn this little sweetheart. I’m going to break him.

They go away, Kyungsoo lingering a little longer than the doctor as Kaji filled with gaps with small talks like what he did for the day.

She was actually dying to know what Kyungsoo does but she thinks she’ll have plenty of time later on to get more information regarding that and she also needed conversation materials to actually get closer to her brother because he was the man with words less than dirt in her room.

She took a warm medicinal bath at the direction of her doctor and did not protest much when her maids helped in bathing her. It was nerve-wracking at first but seemingly they looked much too normal helping her clean that it was not as weird by the time they were softly bathing her back and legs.

As her mind settled for the day soaking in warm waters and someone softly massaging her hair, it drifted off to her time in Thailand where she had a full body massage from one of their famous spas. It wasn’t as weird since they were simply massaging her and not bathing her but the experience had been magical.

That month had been great and she got an exceptional tan which she loved.

She unconsciously checked her snow-white hands and sighed. If only she was under the sun and running with the sun-

Wait a minute. How does Kaji even look like?

Strangely enough, in all of Kaji’s memories, there was no proper image of herself.

She wraps up her bathing session a little shorter than what was prescribed but the urge to know what she looked like was too much that she hurried her girls.

“Please help me get to the mirror there.”

There was only one mirror in her chamber and it was huge but near the window meaning very far from where she slept.

As they stepped closer and closer with her feet complaining, she was in awe of the majesty of the mirror. The sides of the mirror were definitely intricately carved wood, its colors dark brown almost like walnut wood but the closer she got, instead of watching her reflection she gaped at the craftsmanship of t

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