One More Adventure
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Prince Loey’s full name was Park Chanyeol and he was such a wonderful person to talk with. After his rejection of Yuki’s proposal, they had slowly filtered out leaving them alone, except for the maids making her almost chuckle at the way Yuki was crying.

“I rushed here as soon as I heard the news,” He confesses, his face reddening a little while his hands fiddled with the cup. “I thought-I mean people told me that you were-” He pressed his lips grimly, “that you were gone.”

There was a moment of silence in the room and it made her skin crawl because she felt as if it was her fault.

“I apologize for worrying you,” She sighed as she bowed as deep as her position allowed her to. “I am now better than before.”

“Next time,” He nods at her, an old man-like frown on his young forehead. “Do not worry me. That’s an order.”

For the first time since waking up, she gave a huge smile to him feeling his sincerity come across but then his eyes widen at that and the mild redness he had on his face was now full-blown red. In fact, he looked as though he was having a heat .

Dramatically clearing his voice, his eyes darts away from her face to the curtains, coming back to her.

“I will not worry you anymore, Prince.” She decides to put him out of misery but she was genuinely grateful to him. Despite her family members being present, she could feel the honesty only from him.

“Good,” He mumbles looking too shy for a prince. “Um… rest. Don’t mind me.”

Songmi took away her cup and bed table at that and was about to tuck her in when the door bursts open.



A young man, as dashing as the prince seated here had burst into her room with worry in his owlish eyes and pouty lips. From the way he strode over to her, she could assume that he was shorter compared to the prince.


That was Kyungsoo… Her only full brother and the oldest in the family. The heir of the Dohs.

But why does he look so worried? In all of her memories, he more or less ignored her existence only talking to her whenever required. If she did not have Kaji’s memories, she would have thought Kyungsoo and her were close with the way he was reacting now.

“Brother?” She called out when Kyungsoo placed both his hands on her shoulders looking distraught. “I am okay.”

His eyes raked over her as though trying to see the pain but when he was assured that she was indeed alright, he sighed deeply and let go of her as though the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders.

She blinked at him at that seeing how his worried eyes and frowned lips suddenly turn into one poker face, the face in all of her memories. Oh. This boy has issues.

“My apologies, Prince Loey. I received horrible news of my sister and my emotions took the better of me.” He bowed to the prince still seated.

Kyungsoo was 23 and he was such a gentleman. He was overworked though. From her memories, Kaji knew Kyungsoo to be a man of great talent and so always had something on his plate. She barely had any memories of them together.

“I understand,” The younger prince nods, slowly standing up to his feet. “I must have been as distraught if not worse.”

The two men looked at each other for a moment and nodded grimly as though they had just confirmed an unspoken agreement.

“I am glad though, that my sister is better now.”


She shifted uncomfortably in her bed feeling the air turning awkward. Kyungsoo and Chanyeol only had a diplomatic relationship so now that the courtesies were out of the way, there was nothing more to be said.

“My personal healer on his way here. I’ve made sure to get the best for her so rest assured.” The younger of the two speak out making the older one bow respectfully.

This was weird. As someone who came from a place where older people are always more revered, seeing an older person bow respectfully to a younger person was just so… not satisfying.

As a 34-years old woman, this situation seems pretty stifling. She hated this indoors, talking pretty and drinking tea . She was itching to go out but her body screamed at her with every movement making her stay put.

If she came into this world when she had been 16, she would straight up cry because at that age she was dying to be out and about.

She had her first solo trip when she was 18 but only to a village nearby because her parents had been too scared. But oh boy, she’s never felt so free.

She felt her eyes dropping down and the voices of her fiancé and brother fading out as sleep took her in.

What was her name on earth? Why was that… piece of information not in her brain? What was her name?

Well… that was beside the point now. After all, she was now Kaji, wasn’t she? She doubt it was possible to even go back.

On earth... she had been thinking about something, right? Where was she again? Ah! Her first-ever solo trip when she was 18.

Her dad had bought her a small battered car from her uncle and told her that she could take it for her trip making her jump and clap her hands in excitement.

“You’re such a little kid,” He had laughed but patted her head softly. At that moment, she felt like she had been wrapped in marshmallows and sunshine with kisses from butterflies.

She remembers how her stomach had raged a beautiful storm and her head turned left and right every single second not wanting to miss even a single sight nearly making her crash her car into a post.

She had been more careful after that.

But then she hit a large rock some years later and to this day, she doesn’t regret it because that was how she met Minseok.


* * *


When she woke up, the Prince and her brother were gone and she was all alone with her indifferent maid seated where the Prince had been sitting before, eating the cakes and sweets.

As far as she knows, this was a direct insult to the Prince by saying that they were equals as well as

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