One More Adventure
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Kija marveled at the ball of water in the palm of Suho’s hands rotating slowly but steadily.

“Your mouth shall be a ballroom for insects if you do not shut it soon,” Her tutor murmured seriously as he transformed the ball into a series of long spheres going upward towards his other hand.  Kija threw him an annoyed look but he simply ignores her and continued showing her different forms of water manipulation to which her jaw kept dropping without consent.

But when presented with a wonder so out of her imagination, she couldn’t help but be gleeful over someone using water to make a bunny. It was truly a show only seen on screens back at home but seeing it right in front of her had her heart hammering with excitement.

It took 5 days for Kija to persuade Suho to teach her actual magic or that’s how Kija understood it anyway. Here, they called it manipulating the elements and it dealt with a lot of theories before they can start the practical.

Lucky for her, the previous Kija had studied all the theoretical aspects of it because she was doing a ‘fun reading’ during her 'boring' days.

When Suho, in their 8-hour-per-day session of classes, had begun the theory classes, it surprised her that she knew everything up to the extent of impressing the ever-skeptical Suho.

“Can you change the colors of water or-or make it hot or make it cold or frozen or something like that?” She gushed, unable to keep her excitement in. Coming to this world in the body of a 16-year-old girl, was the first time she actually felt young and excited, and new.

Suho, however, frowns deeply at what she asked.

“You’ve almost memorized the entire analogs of the water manipulation and still ask such silly questions?”

She rolls her eyes discreetly at that. What sort of teacher says that? Such a pain in the nether region.

I mean not everything can be written down!” She pushed forward as Suho dissolves the entire ball of water into nothing. “There might be some abilities that only you can do that others cannot.”

Suho shrugged at that. “I have excellent manipulation that surpasses plenty of others. Perhaps I can even go to the extent of saying I am the best Aqua manipulator in the world now.”

Inwardly Kija cringes hard. From what she’s noticed from studying Suho the last few days, he was a hard-working man with pride based on his abilities. Undoubtedly, Kija agrees with him as she had witnessed the extent of his knowledge and his powers.

As soon as they depart from the classrooms, he becomes a quiet man silently watching and wearing a mask-like smile however, the moment they step in and he assumes the role of a tutor, he transforms into a man of great pride. He knew his qualifications and had no qualms about tooting it to her face.

Frankly, it made her not know whether to like him or not.

It was hard. Outside of the classroom, he was good company as he indulged in her silly ideas and laugh with her yet when he was a tutor, scolding and chiding her was the best he can do.

Honestly, if he weren’t a tutor, she will like him as the warm, older brother vibe sort of person but then all the knowledge being wasted will be a crime.

Besides, he was flaunting his knowledge because he can.

“We begin with our core training. Given that you have only recently figured out about your aqua, we will start from the basics.”

“So… no? Even you can’t do that?” Kija as she got into position to begin the core training. The core training consists of training the water element within you as they sit comfortably to make sure they can go on for a long period. In Kija’s understanding, it was like a spirit living within you that you can interact with although not in words but like… in vibes.

If they were able to get into proper interaction with the spirit, they can begin to manipulate the spirit. The spirit or more logical word they used here was the core, if got into proper contact can be trained to be stronger and sturdier until it passes levels.

Suho was now at the highest of all levels in terms of aqua manipulation.

He lets out an annoyed sigh at her teasing, closes his eyes, and puts a palm on her back. This was how a tutor trains their apprentice. Every manipulator has certain methods of interacting with their core but until they find their own, their tutors help them by interacting it with them.

They had begun this class with core training but Kija was way too hyped to simply sit and… vibe so Suho had to calm her down by showing her tricks. For core training, their mind and their body should be calm and collected. Kija had not been. But after those few tricks, she was hyped to do the exact same thing so she was forcing herself to calm down no matter what.

As she sits there, Suho’s palm on her back, she calms down with several deep breaths. The first few minutes were excruciatingly boring and as someone who hates doing nothing, their first core training had been a fail but now she had to learn to sit quietly.

Then sud

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