One More Adventure
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Her new room was jaw-dropping and she found it hard to even leave the room because there was just so much beauty to explore in that room of hers.

As requested, the mirror was the centerpiece and it looked even more magnificent here than in her older room where it was just in the corner giving it no justice. Also, the fact that it had been Kyungsoo who was making that art for her made it a hundred times more special to her.

Apparently, he was the one who chose the wood itself and began 'carving' it the moment she was born. That really sealed a deal in her heart for her older brother.

But above all those, it had made her giddy with happiness to know that her family could control the element of Earth! Basically an earth-binder and wood was part of it.

Kyungsoo had left for his work but he had come to her new room and they had a long talk, with her doing most of the talking while he answered her. According to him, wood was such an integral part of the earth that it somehow made it possible for Earth Elementals to control it as well.

At her request, he had shown her how he carved the wood to his imagination while she watched in awe.

It was simply magical. In front of her very eyes, the wood began to move, shape, and take form while shedding off the excess. It made all her hairs raise on her body while her lips went agape.

Kyungsoo had laughed a little at her reaction but seemed proud nonetheless for it and promised her to show her more when he returns.

It has already been a week since that happened and she was starting to feel a little bored.

Her body was fit enough to go for her usual morning walks and return for lunch without any trouble whatsoever. Over the course of days, she had walked around the palace and watched in wonder and in awe at how grand and majestic this was.

Prince Chanyeol came over once and stayed for mere two hours. He had come to bid her goodbye since he was traveling to a city that would take him about 2 months of traveling.

“I’ve been appointed by the council to go and round up the city to see how the citizens are faring. As the crown prince, it is my duty although it is with a heavy heart that I cannot see you for perhaps half a year.”

The adventurer in her jumped at the opportunity to travel but the way Prince Chanyeol laughed told her that it was simply impossible.

“My lady,” He had said after his laughter had subsided and had found out that she had been serious. “It would be more than a dream to take you along with me but your frail body cannot withstand the gruesome journey. Besides, there are always much fighting and assassination attempts.”

He had even placed a hand on his heart. “I cannot, for anything, put you in such an adversity… at least not when you just recovered.”

He had paused and pouted when it was time to leave.

This time she had been well enough to drop him until his carriage where he had simply gone quiet for a minute or so looking like he would like to stay very much. But a moment later, he shakes his head, took her gloved hand, and kissed it longer than what should be normal… but he was cute, so she let it slide.

It was rather funny seeing a giant looking so hesitant as he turns to get into the carriage so she called him to which he turns around immediately.

“Take this and remember me…” Honestly, this was simply to try re-enacting a scene she saw in a movie in one of her travels. Dramatically, she took off the ribbon in her hair that Mina had worked so hard on just this morning and gave the red shiny cloth to him.

He had looked stunned and when he took the ribbon, he had clutched it so tightly but this time, he went away chipper than before making her want to laugh at how adorable Chanyeol was.

Nevertheless, that was also already some days back and she had already finished exploring a huge part of the manor and most part of the garden.

Apparently, according to her memories, she had a tutor to teach her various things in life but some months back, since she was getting increasingly sick, they stopped all her tutoring to make sure she was taken care of without any stress so she literally had all the time in the world.

There was no room to clean, no bathroom to scrub, no bills to pay, no work to do, no dishes to scrub… and this freedom was starting to get to her given that in her previous life she had always rushed. She rushed from one place to get to another. She rushed to get to her plane and rushed to get to rental cars. She rushed to meet sponsors and well-wishers and rushed to get a good place to stay.

But now… Everything was slow-paced. She had to walk slowly, she has to eat slowly, drink slowly and not look forward to anything.

That night as she stay awake, seated by the balcony with only stars to accompany her, she let out a soft sigh.

Perhaps all the running she had was so that she wouldn’t be so lonely. At first, she had been addicted to being alone. She loved the fact that she could do anything she wanted. She could eat what she wanted without hearing complaints, she could go wherever she wanted without anyone saying no, she could do a lot of things she wouldn’t normally do if she had been with others… so it had been ideal.

Incredibly ideal.

But when she had been going so well, she met him and everything changed.

Kaji breathed in deeply at this, her heart suddenly a lot heavier than before. It looked as though changing worlds, seeing magic, and being reincarnated still couldn’t take away a heartache that was in her heart.

She stands up from her seat and walked inside hoping that she will stop thinking about him… not when she was in a new world, in a new body, and was a new person.

There were simply no more chances of what if’s anymore… none.

She dreams of him that night and it’s always the same… Minseok, her old car, and… the field of dandelions.


* * *


Sana, her maid was a joy to be around simply because their humor matched and they laughed at the same things. Mina, her other maid could not be said the same since it was almost a month since they met and she was still stiff as a rod.

Nevertheless, she was happy with their company and although she was still stiff, she knew that their attitude towards her had changed a lot. Sana was comfortably talking with her, joking and laughing with her, and does not say no when she tries to join them to do simple chores.

Mina always protests vehemently and Kija always thought she was joking until one day she began to cry as soon as Kija took the duster so she let it go and decided to eat cake.

Life was easy. Perhaps a little too easy.

Human beings were always known to be a recipe for disaster so when things get too easy… they begin to create their own trouble.

Out of boredom, Kija even thought that she’ll just bring some drama among the siblings but shrugged over how every meal they have is drama. Usually for meals, since Kyungsoo’s absence, she had been eating at her own timing or in her own room faking illness. Her siblings ignored her completely which she was joyful for but realise a little later that this was how Kija was more or less treated.

She was basically the sibling that no one talked to. Her mother and the sisters only talk to her when the Prince comes over, acting all worried and troubled, or when Kyungsoo was around.

In all these days, she had not even heard a thing about their father for which she was puzzled but it seemed normal in their home.

What was he even? What on earth does he do that he cannot even be home for his daughter’s death? Ugh. Such a father.

But today… Kija had chosen today as the day to stop all this boredom and do something interesting.

“Don’t I look dashing as a young man?” Kija proclaimed as she adjusted her hat. Sana, also dressed as a boy nodded her head enthusiastically while striking a boyish pose in front of the mirror.

Sana was easy to break. She was just a young girl ready to do anything to anyone who treated her well. She was gullible and easy to read and after making sure that she was trustworthy, mind you there were steps to ensure this, Kaji had made her into her best friend of sorts where they do silly things all day long.

They had conspired together to send Mina away for the day saying she’s working so hard and deserves a rest while Sana had acquired two outfits which were for boys. It was a good disguise.

“Ready for the adventure?” Kaji says with a huge smile while Sana gave a thumbs up, something she learned from her.

Out they went, trying to be as inconspicuous but with their mansion being huge and them memorizing paths which were less trodden, it was easy to get out. The only problem was that the two of them did not know the way to anywhere.

It was a given since Sana was a launder maid who only worked inside the mansion, where within their grounds, had streams to do the job while Kaji was obviously always locked up due to health reasons as well as her refusal to go out.

This time around, she had tried to go out but was stopped by literally everyone in the house. Kyungsoo just shook his head but everyone in the world knew it meant no and nothing was going to change his mind, not even when his little sister was pouting and whining at him. Her mother also said no and their head housekeeper who is a stern old woman had said no… so unless her father comes and says yes, she will not be stepping out of this ground, hence the disguise.

“Is there only one path to go out?” Kaji asks with disappointment as they hid behind a bush to watch her mother go out in a carriage.

“Well-I-I only ever used this one…” Sana looked extremely guilty at this point and it made Kaji sigh. “I am so sorry, my lady.”

“No… it isn’t your fault.”

But she had already formulated that Sana had to leave her side for some hours every day to get to know the place well so that this problem does not occur every now and then. For now, Kaji smiled widely, she will do what she was best at… Be an adventurist and find her own way out.

“Come on! Let’s search for our own path then.”

Apparently, there were many reasons why she wasn’t allowed outside and it made her understand why she gets so many guards even when she goes to the garden.

Firstly, it was because she was weak. She should not be facing any stress in case her advancing recovery stops and her body decides to go back. Secondly, it was because she was already a targeted person given that she was the future queen of their kingdom and thirdly, it was because she was powerless. She had no powers to protect herself and even if guards go with her, if they stumble upon a strong elemental, they will be overpowered.

She was quite literal a jewel stored up in a cage for protection.

But she wasn’t having it. Not at all.

Who on earth wants to live like that? She wasn’t a thing that felt nothing. No… she was a human who had a heart and mind and legs and hands.

“Hmmm…” Kaji hums and she and Sana looked up at the giant wall that was in front. “We’re lost… aren’t we?”

Sana sniffled a little and nodded her head. It had been Sana who had suggested they come this way because she thought she overheard some maids talking about a place they can go out easily as it had a hole in the wall for the stream to leave the manor grounds.

But nat

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