Joonie and Chuwan (a mini-series)

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A story of Joohyun and Seungwan and their little adventures 




So i actually wrote a oneshot of this story before here, and only now i've decided that i should probably write some little extra adventures for them sksksk. its like a prequel but also not? i am confushon but anyways yea, more little joohyun and little seungwan.

Some advice to those who havent read the oneshot tho, you should probably read them first to understand the whole context. if you don't it's fine too i dont think it would make much difference anyway.

This wont be long, maybe around 5 chapters max? and i'm also not sure how often the updates are going to be but i'll try


Happy reading!



You all can reach out to me on twitter @/JessSoohope for any questions :D or if yall just wanna have casual talk i dont bite ,i just struggle a lot
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